YouTube's Copyright System Isn't Broken. The World's Is.

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  • Yep, 42 minutes of video. This was a big project. Plus: I've got an all-new five-part original series called Money over on Nebula, which you can watch as a bundle with CuriosityStream!

    Tom ScottTom Scott16 dagar sedan
    • *searches thepiratebay for Money (2020)*

      Julian BarberJulian Barber6 timmar sedan
    • Jay Foreman!

      LaurenzeRiceLaurenzeRice11 timmar sedan
    • what 42 minutes?

      Shadow PlayerShadow Player21 timme sedan
    • Tom, are you in " season 3, episode 04 of "Only Connect"?

      TytaniaTytaniaDag sedan
    • Wait... I was hooked soon as Jay Foreman made a cameo and that was at 2m 57s! Way to hook me in :)

      Elim GarakElim GarakDag sedan
  • Tom Scott, Jay Foreman and Devin Stone in the same video. Love it.

    Typically ThomasTypically Thomas5 sekunder sedan
  • We wouldn't have these problems if we wouldn't have capitalism.

    Kallisti BabylonKallisti Babylon5 minuter sedan
  • If the internet wishes, we completely change this But we want to wish

    i have 150 subscribers for no reasoni have 150 subscribers for no reason9 minuter sedan
  • K.. mini rant.... What's a mess is the lack of accountability. Some of my best work for Discovery..20ish years ago.. has been deemed to be copyright infringement and is not available for me to upload and use. I don't want to monetize this content and I'm happy to credit whoever deserves credit. I have followed the pathetic "appeals" process..did not even receive a robo response. These pieces.. I wrote them..I directed them. They are as much my work as anyone else's. I feel I am being punished without seeing the face of my accuser. Or even being told what courtroom to go to for sentencing. Shoddy.. and again.. pathetic. More lazy corporate bull manure.

    david petersendavid petersen14 minuter sedan
  • No, SVproject's is broken. The way that they enforce copyright is the definition of bad faith. This is an outright rejection of one of the foundations of contract law.

    elcidbobelcidbob21 minut sedan
  • It's so crazy to think that the Tom in this video is the same guy who cooked a salmon in a dishwasher so many years ago :D

    OhBoyOhBoy44 minuter sedan
  • Nice. 42 minutes long.

    My Username is Pointlessly Long and IntimidatingMy Username is Pointlessly Long and Intimidating46 minuter sedan
  • Ah! Long form video! HAha, I just left a comment on another video talking about longer form content. Thank you!

    Grim GamesGrim GamesTimme sedan
  • so jay foreman ISN’T dead!

  • Ah yes “space communism”

    Isle Of Dead MemesIsle Of Dead MemesTimme sedan
  • So if I work to build a library of music to bequeath my children, their children and their children's children (and so on) you are advocating that only one or two generations should benefit then everyone else in my family must be dispossessed? Why don't we apply the same to property right then mate? Like houses, money, title deeds etc

    doogieAfrodoogieAfroTimme sedan
  • Magical post-scarcity Star Trek space communism™ is my favorite ideology.

    Johannes SkogmanJohannes SkogmanTimme sedan
  • Both copyright systems BUT SVproject's is worse

    Daniel J GarciaDaniel J Garcia2 timmar sedan
  • It most certainly is, but I get not ripping your employer a new one.

    JaejgarenJaejgaren2 timmar sedan
  • the world is extremely broken and WRONG because of idiots

    Grand Flex Johnson: John Jhon Jon Jonathan IVGrand Flex Johnson: John Jhon Jon Jonathan IV2 timmar sedan
  • This is easily the best video on youtube explaining copyright. By far.

    drumphil00drumphil003 timmar sedan
  • Fantastic work, thank you very much!

    PratalaxPratalax4 timmar sedan
  • I agree with most of this but it is true that SVproject censors channels at times for example shadowbanning of political/controversial content.

    societal rejectsocietal reject6 timmar sedan
  • "content id has a lot of edge cases" how can you call it an edge if theres a lot of them. EVERY youtuber i watch has had wrongly copyrighted stuff taken down at some point. and yes i know the difference between copyright and community standards. to a lot of us, im sure, it seems that content ID cases that WORK are the edge cases/

    Julian BarberJulian Barber7 timmar sedan
  • honest question. I thought copyright law only applied when you are making money off of something (monetization or reselling products) but lets say I upload a dance video with an unlicenced audio track, does that still infringe on copyright? If so, why exactly? Because I'm still using someones work without permission?

    DaFlavourFaceDaFlavourFace7 timmar sedan
    • Although you don't make money, nether do they, thus they lose the money they would have made. You took their potential profit away

      horny turtlehorny turtle4 timmar sedan
  • How do you think reimbursing the winning party for their own court fees and lawyer costs would change the situation (the losing party would finance the reimbursement)? If one does not have to fear the financial consequences for going to court and trying to enforce their rights, the whole "do what's cheaper" thing might be a thing of the past.

    Moritz GunzMoritz Gunz7 timmar sedan
  • Can you copyright a recipe? Like, if a youtuber cooks a recipe from Bon Appetit for a video, could BA copyright strike it?

    Nancho PartyNancho Party9 timmar sedan
  • This is a great video! Thanks Tom

    SubduralempyemaSubduralempyema9 timmar sedan
  • moronic video

    punished rashidpunished rashid9 timmar sedan
  • At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1645">27:25</a> nice, Tom. Nice.

    Pat StarrPat Starr10 timmar sedan
  • Capitalism is stupid

    Mars Argo Is My MomMars Argo Is My Mom10 timmar sedan
  • Love Tom Scott but this was pushed to me for weeks by SVproject. Never seen something quite like that

    OriginalTurtleOriginalTurtle10 timmar sedan
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1136">18:56</a> well, they were raised with it. Besides, if every game publisher sued SVproject channels all the time for copyright infringement, the kids wouldn’t be the only one rioting.

    Ajc 7575Ajc 757511 timmar sedan
  • You earned a subscriber ^__^

    OrongoesPEWOrongoesPEW11 timmar sedan
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="719">11:59</a> It was only a matter of time until LegalEagle would be in this video.

    Ajc 7575Ajc 757511 timmar sedan
  • Where is my brother at?

    Çentoé's brotherÇentoé's brother11 timmar sedan
  • see the problem with copyright law is that you have to prove your innocence.

    CerdonCerdon11 timmar sedan
  • that moment at 28.16 where you move and there is a little pikachu stuffy behind you... you forgot to criticize the pikachu to make it fair use !

    axolotllanaxolotllan11 timmar sedan
    • That's a statement

      niduoe streniduoe stre11 timmar sedan
  • @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="990">16:30</a> there are some laws that stop the vilification of certain use. For example, if I take a photo and post it and everyone else uses it (like emojis or gifs). And I know they're being used without my permission and take no action. I can't then turn around and sue "rich thief Z" for doing the same thing. The work(s) lose their protection status if I don't take measures to protect them in cases I'm aware of.

    Alex JenkinsAlex Jenkins12 timmar sedan
  • "All the power is still with the people who have money." Yep, sounds like the US.

    Kio KurokamiKio Kurokami12 timmar sedan
    • The US is the country where you have the MOST power regardless of how much money you have, thanks to something called the "Bill of Rights." Money is by definition, power. A non-capitalist system is simply a different distribution of that power. The problem of money is not that it gives power to those that have it. It is that those who seek to acquire it do so not to the benefit of themselves and those around them, but rather for the accumulation of power itself. Other countries that have more socialist economic systems simply allow those greedy people to infiltrate their governments rather than their businesses.

      Bob BobBob Bob3 timmar sedan
  • Oh wow, the subtitles when he’s talking about pronunciation at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="913">15:13</a> actually use IPA phonetics.

    FrungiFrungi12 timmar sedan
  • _Emplemon would like to know your location_

    NpDGilQTST STSETZXuXzNpDGilQTST STSETZXuXz12 timmar sedan
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="538">8:58</a> cracked me up.

    FrungiFrungi12 timmar sedan
  • I’m curious about his thoughts about the lawyers on this video thoughts on Jimquisitions Digital Homicide case.

    NursKulNursKul12 timmar sedan
  • I’m glad I watched this. After hearing years of complaints about “copyright infringement”, I get see a clear point on why it happens.

    NursKulNursKul12 timmar sedan
  • Like with most things...copyrights are about money. The answer to every argument is "....because money."

    Megan BrunsMegan Bruns13 timmar sedan
  • Parody is protected.

    MalachiTheBowlingGodMalachiTheBowlingGod13 timmar sedan
  • Oh lawd, I'm so with you on shortening copyright terms. But as long as _the mouse_ is an icon in America, copyright terms are just gonna keep getting longer and longer.

    Angelic HunkAngelic Hunk13 timmar sedan
  • I really want Tom to make a real gaming channel.

    Sean LSean L13 timmar sedan
  • One thought I've had for a while is a massively shortened baseline for copyright, but then it can be extended indefinitely for an exponentially escalating fee. If a giant corporation thinks it is worth having a copyright last over 100 years, they can make it happen for a price. Hopefully they will see this as being easier, less risky and cheaper than lobbying to block the change while still we otherwise get most of the benefits of shortening copyright. So for a short time, you just have copyright by default without having to do anything. To get it a bit longer, you have to register for a small fee which helps avoid orphan works, after that every time a work is about to expire it can be extended, but it ramps up until eventually it's not worth the expense and the work enters the public domain. Yes, it's to the advantage of those with money, but they have that advantage whether we want them to or not. This at least gives them what they want without causing as much damage from perpetually extended copyright.

    Kevin SmithKevin Smith14 timmar sedan
  • Strongest argument, unless someone is claiming ownership or creation of the intellectual property or art, it is free advertisement for the artist, which could be considered payment.

    Jadon HarperJadon Harper14 timmar sedan
  • That Legal Eagle clip hahaha! <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="715">11:55</a>

    Angelic HunkAngelic Hunk14 timmar sedan
  • how can u look so old but so young at the same time?

    BingBing14 timmar sedan
  • That's a statement

    MãxïMãxï14 timmar sedan
  • no use of memes, games, songs, sounds, visuals and any other creative works unless specified by the owner of the copyright. That would be a very very boring world. The internet depends so much on working away from the eyes of copyright that is is almost irreversible. Even students writing reports in elementary school are breaching copyright law by copy/pasting images onto their presentations. With the technological advancements of the future if copyright of this age is enforced. The world as we know it would be over. Every use of original work would have to be paid for. I wonder if quoting a meme would be grounds for punishment. This whole deal is just bringing me down.

    Georgey KurienGeorgey Kurien14 timmar sedan
  • Fantastic Video, Great production

    DamianDamian15 timmar sedan
  • This kind of behaviour is exactly why people should be selfish - because everyone else is ruthlessly so. It's the fairest way so don't feel sorry when you do it. These corporations are evil bastards, think about not giving them your money.

    Green PieceGreen Piece15 timmar sedan
  • Well .. in my country you can't play licensed music in the butcher's shop, because several ... leeches/parasites companies will say that the licensed music brought a lot more clients than in other shops without the music (or with the "stock" music). So, there's the tax for that. This sick regulation isn't stopping at the butcher's shops. The same rule is forced onto every single shop or utility point. So, no music for the garbage disposal or sewage treatment units as well.

    januzi2januzi215 timmar sedan
  • much agree. copyright aNd patent are both sick, diseased zombie laws which need to be shot in the head.

    Jen farmerJen farmer16 timmar sedan
  • 50 years is way too long. The loss for society in this time is too great.

    Strange CharmStrange Charm16 timmar sedan
  • It constantly slips my mind that Google is the world's largest advertising firm. They do a good job hiding it when they need to.

    Prometheus Is ColdPrometheus Is Cold16 timmar sedan
  • I've always hated seeing "no infringement intended" on things. Oh really? If no infringement was intended, why did you knowingly infringement and then put up an awful disclaimer to try and get away with it? Sounds very intended to me!

    mjc0961mjc096116 timmar sedan
  • I watched someone play the story-heavy game Portal, but that caused me to want to buy it for myself because the gameplay looked interesting and I was sure I'd forget most of the puzzles before I got the chance to buy it. I also bought a Wii U and Splatoon because I watched someone play during the server stress test and it piqued my interest. Little did I know I'd end up so obsessed with the lore that its "sequel" ended up feeling like pandering trash

    DaidaikaDaidaika17 timmar sedan
  • Please, I love your videos, but NO MORE CANON IN D PLS

    Max GalkinMax Galkin17 timmar sedan
  • Thank you so much for this video. The level of research and sheer effort that went into organising and producing this is staggering, and I honestly cannot imagine an more important or relevant topic for creators like us to be discussing right now. All the love to you , Tom.

    Nick SmitNick Smit17 timmar sedan
  • The mouseover preview only shows the stock photos. Nicely done, Tom.

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1708">28:28</a> omg! that was my primary school! (the circular glass building on the left) Hampden Gurney, what are the chances!

    Tan TanTan Tan17 timmar sedan
  • If the old and good discovery channel was a person, it would be you. Thanks, Tom.

    Ian BuchananIan Buchanan18 timmar sedan
  • Copyright is unethical. The idea that anyone can tell you you can't do what you want with your property and your person on the grounds of copyright is wrong. The complains against particular implementations of copyright are the product of the very notion of copyright itself and not the product of a faulty implementation of copyright. Copyright is working add it was designed to work. You can't create a more benevolent copyright any more than you can create a more benevolent guillotine.

    Matthew StinarMatthew Stinar18 timmar sedan
  • I'm sorry what? A patent lasts 20 years but copyright lasts till death plus 70 years that makes absolutely no sense and it's absolutely ridiculous. In essence they're basically the same: the work of someone. Why in hell should they even be different? Ok I do understand the fact that copyright should last a bit more (50 years does seems like a reasonably fair time) but I would only go as far as until death more 70 years it is just ridiculous.

    Diogo NunesDiogo Nunes18 timmar sedan
  • Ironic that one's greatest work - one's life - is not subject to copyright. Any fool can make a biopic, and while there are niceties to be observed they are by courtesy, not law

    Mark IliffMark Iliff18 timmar sedan
  • "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" best cameo of the decade

    RedCorsairrRedCorsairr18 timmar sedan
  • Well done. Thank you.

    savage1267savage126718 timmar sedan
  • The law is what is enforced ™ - Jeremy A. Glassford 2020

    Jeremy GlassfordJeremy Glassford19 timmar sedan

    Coolio AshCoolio Ash19 timmar sedan
  • Honestly, if that happened to me, id refuse to pay and go into prison that would cost the state 150€ per day And if enough people would join in the state couldnt handle 1. The loss in taxes because people aren't working due to being in jail 2. The costs of those people in jail 3. the lack of Jail capacity and if they told me i wouldn't have to go to jail but had to pay back then i'd quit my job and live of welfare making them pay even more money for me whilst missing out on my taxes. With enough people doing that they would be forced to change these laws or watch the whole system collapse around them.

    H ArzH Arz20 timmar sedan
  • Oh god, the shirt from the 'if educational videos were filmed like music videos' video returned

    Fangirl vom Dienst a. d. R.Fangirl vom Dienst a. d. R.20 timmar sedan
  • three minutes in I'm already pissed. Warner Chapell was right. But think about what they are doing. This guy is has a sample in his intro that they own. THen think about how much value does that give to the videos? Very little I'd image. But yet Warner Chappell can claim the whole thing! That is fundamentaly wrong.

    klirsnichyklirsnichy20 timmar sedan
  • Damn. Even Tom sold out. CuriosityStream finally on their path to copyright domination.

    muad'dibmuad'dib20 timmar sedan
  • I love Tom reacts

    MR QuaversMR Quavers20 timmar sedan
  • Tom: The Copyright System Isn't Broken. The World's Is. SVproject: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="180">3:00</a> Any other company: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="180">3:00</a> Giphy: *Laughs in copyrighted gifs.*

    Mini tomateMini tomate21 timme sedan
    • its time to make a new internet

      soinu foigsoinu foig20 timmar sedan
  • Anyone else not really understand the "disputes" bloopers at the end?

    TheBugmenot2009TheBugmenot200921 timme sedan
    • plagiarism & won

      soinu foigsoinu foig20 timmar sedan
  • I wanna show this video to as many people as I can. This is a required viewing for all Internet users. Excellent video.

    GabrielinatorGabrielinator21 timme sedan
  • I think if we had a relativley high ubi, it would be justified to scrap copyright for art... So people do art for art, not for money. But I'm a communist so no idea how many people agree XD

    TheOneSwedishGuyTheOneSwedishGuy21 timme sedan