World's Best Candy | Overtime 14 | Dude Perfect

Candy craziness, mind blowing magic and a wheely unfortunate dude!
Time for another fantastic episode of Overtime!
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Ladda ner



  • Let’s face it my top 10 candies would all be gummy bears and anything gummy 😂

    Ellie HunterEllie Hunter3 timmar sedan
  • 70 yds. of nerd roe

    Jennie ShawJennie Shaw4 timmar sedan
  • Tour!!!

    Jennie ShawJennie Shaw4 timmar sedan
  • I'm SO surprised airheads and haribo didn't make it on top 10

    August HaoAugust Hao5 timmar sedan
  • awsome

    Andrew WildfongAndrew Wildfong5 timmar sedan
  • The magician has a roll of toilet paper, not knowing how much of a luxury that would be to have in quarantine right now.

    Pugsley the BakerPugsley the Baker5 timmar sedan
  • this annoys me how coby and cory were cutting the wood

    [SPOON]Horizon305[SPOON]Horizon3055 timmar sedan
  • Guys when are u going to do airsoft battle royal 3?? Just asking

    Henry CooksonHenry Cookson5 timmar sedan
  • I have ate 66 yards of nerd rope

    [SPOON]Horizon305[SPOON]Horizon3055 timmar sedan
  • The magician threw the ball over his head

    hunrter Kahramanidishunrter Kahramanidis6 timmar sedan
  • Are you the 75 yards of gummy bears

    Poopcorn Hotel HideawayPoopcorn Hotel Hideaway7 timmar sedan
  • Cool not cool

    Tru PilditchTru Pilditch7 timmar sedan
  • I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!! fruity stripes😍

    Kristi SchwarzKristi Schwarz7 timmar sedan
  • get crafty is the best segment ever

    Alex Johnson-FryAlex Johnson-Fry7 timmar sedan
  • I have

    Colton PorterColton Porter7 timmar sedan
  • Ok candy is so so so so subjective but like, Tyler's list is horrible

    Alex Johnson-FryAlex Johnson-Fry7 timmar sedan
  • I just ate 66 yards of nerd rope

    moist shellmoist shell8 timmar sedan
  • 177 yards

    Deepika UmmethalaDeepika Ummethala8 timmar sedan
  • I have 196 yards

    Datboi gamesgoodDatboi gamesgood8 timmar sedan
  • Get crafty my new fav segment

    Juan KitshoffJuan Kitshoff8 timmar sedan
  • KINDA PP RAVN kinda

    Datboi gamesgoodDatboi gamesgood8 timmar sedan

    Deseri DunnDeseri Dunn8 timmar sedan
  • You guys are probably going to hate me for this but black licorice is the best thing ever

    Gil TorresGil Torres8 timmar sedan
  • Of nerd rope

    Brannon JohnsonBrannon Johnson8 timmar sedan
  • I’ve eating a 100 yards

    Brannon JohnsonBrannon Johnson8 timmar sedan
  • QQQ.

    LUKINIOLUKINIO8 timmar sedan
  • 75 yards

    Callum DaradicsCallum Daradics8 timmar sedan
  • PvP raven you’re the worst

    Usha PatelUsha Patel9 timmar sedan
  • Why isn’t Charleston Chew on there????

    Chick HicksChick Hicks9 timmar sedan
  • Did... did Cory just pick himself AGAIN!?

    Hank PeterschmidtHank Peterschmidt10 timmar sedan
  • Taste test fries overtime 15

    Aidan SundayAidan Sunday10 timmar sedan
  • I can’t find nerd rope anywhere

    Carter BosCarter Bos10 timmar sedan
  • Is that a kinder egg I see, send in the FBI bois

    ShadowNinja705ShadowNinja70510 timmar sedan
  • Please do OVERTIME 15

    Luke RuskinLuke Ruskin10 timmar sedan
  • Resses are my top 1

    sayain52 ogsayain52 og10 timmar sedan
  • 346 yards of nerd ropes

    Issak PokemonIssak Pokemon10 timmar sedan
  • Don't throw and waste candies , u don't like it put it a side

    Meet PatelMeet Patel11 timmar sedan
  • before he does the trick slow it down to 0.25 and you can see the one with the hole in in and how he switches it into his palm

    ATZ CLANATZ CLAN11 timmar sedan
  • .make a airsoft battle 3

    Joseph RobinsonJoseph Robinson11 timmar sedan
    • i AGREE base it on FORTNITE

      Jonas HornerJonas Horner9 timmar sedan
  • 85

    Gabe LloydGabe Lloyd11 timmar sedan
  • Do top ten Video games

    Jonah YodaJonah Yoda12 timmar sedan
  • H

    Lizandro ManzanaresLizandro Manzanares12 timmar sedan
  • Eeee.

    Boba SmoothieBoba Smoothie12 timmar sedan
  • dude its reses pieces and reses peanut butter cups

    X34X3412 timmar sedan
  • Y’all yankies never lived, sherbies, best aussi lollies (candies)

    Mannsey 03Mannsey 0312 timmar sedan
  • TT breaking the tv!

    Darlene KalbachDarlene Kalbach13 timmar sedan
  • 100 yd rope

    James WrightJames Wright13 timmar sedan
  • Cookies and cream Hershey bar is my number one

    Kim ColemanKim Coleman13 timmar sedan
  • Dude you need to be on network television

    courtney usiakcourtney usiak13 timmar sedan
  • I’m fasting today and this is soothing me 😂😂😂

    ItsYaBoi IbbyItsYaBoi Ibby13 timmar sedan
  • Do you want to know what kills me? During the chair making challenge, Tyler’s chair is thrown from the balcony. The only piece that comes off is the left armrest, and Cody broke his left arm, so he doesn’t even need that armrest! 😂

  • Tour

    sana animesana anime14 timmar sedan
  • American and food wasting

    Shin IlluitsShin Illuits14 timmar sedan
  • Ty is right about milk duds

    Logan CarsonLogan Carson14 timmar sedan
  • CANDY!

    Janel WhiteJanel White15 timmar sedan
  • Tour

    anwar shaheedanwar shaheed15 timmar sedan
  • my favorite is snikers

    Asim ImamovicAsim Imamovic15 timmar sedan
  • TYLER : .... with every body's favorite WHEEL UNFORTUNATE!!!! COOL NOT COOL: ehm ehm I 'm offended!

    aravind meduraravind medur15 timmar sedan
  • Iam still here

    KwozaKwoza16 timmar sedan
  • Wa5ching them from 5 years

    KwozaKwoza16 timmar sedan
  • where are the m&m's?

    Max SarapasMax Sarapas16 timmar sedan
  • Cody's crocs stand out so much

    Griffin JamesGriffin James17 timmar sedan
  • Who doesn't like twix

    MasteropK.R.I NEON WHITE 123MasteropK.R.I NEON WHITE 12317 timmar sedan
  • 80 yards of nerd rope

    Sebastian ArnoldSebastian Arnold17 timmar sedan
  • Who else is watching in 2020 in lock down with nothing to do

    Ewan KirkEwan Kirk18 timmar sedan
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="327">5:27</a>

    Polly OrPolly Or19 timmar sedan
  • Please play nba 2k20 in the next Game Time

    Zachary FerraroZachary Ferraro19 timmar sedan
  • One should be ibsted of cat maybe eat the sour candie anothere one should be 24 hour challenge like sit in a bath full of syrup for 24 hours or somthing

    Jeremiah HernandezJeremiah Hernandez19 timmar sedan
  • That’s some bad candy taste. What about mike & Ike’s or m&m’s or crunch or Milky Way

    Zachary FerraroZachary Ferraro19 timmar sedan
  • I'm from South Africa our snacks are Sa peeps give a like or make your own lists My Top 10 Candys: 10) Nik naks 9) Tex 8) Skittles 7) Snickers 6) Rolos 5) any chocolate from Cadbury 4) Oreos 3) Jelly tots 2) Whine gums 1) MAYNARD SOFT GUMS

    Jané PretoriusJané Pretorius19 timmar sedan
  • It’s my birthday

    Zachary FerraroZachary Ferraro19 timmar sedan
  • Top Picks Who Wants to Watch This Video?👍like

    fly wings keralafly wings kerala20 timmar sedan
  • Who sings the overtime song?? 🤔🤔

    Affan SharifAffan Sharif20 timmar sedan
  • Wtf is wrong with owning a cat?

    Matti the God Eater Smash BroMatti the God Eater Smash Bro21 timme sedan
  • who watch the dude perfect video so come to my channel

    Anime Clasher KingAnime Clasher King21 timme sedan
  • Me

    Farmer boy LeipprandtFarmer boy Leipprandt22 timmar sedan
  • When they were thanking the magic guy for coming, like all of them sitting and looking at the camera cody in the back could definitely be a cardboard cutout, the man's face doesn't change

    Praxis CactusPraxis Cactus22 timmar sedan
  • The magician was flexing when he used toilet paper as the trick 😂

    Randeel JabboRandeel Jabbo22 timmar sedan
  • The get crafty segment confirmed that the twins are city boys

    Terminus TaylorTerminus Taylor22 timmar sedan
  • 1000

    Kim MummertKim Mummert22 timmar sedan