Tik Toks Only GIRLS Will Understand

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  • should I do Tik Toks only guys understand next???

    SSSniperWolfSSSniperWolf11 dagar sedan
    • Yes please I wanna see that

      Pink PigPink Pig5 dagar sedan
    • yassssskiiiii

      Vi ZielVi Ziel6 dagar sedan
    • Sure

      XxShadowWolfxX _016XxShadowWolfxX _01611 dagar sedan
    • With Digitalnex

      Sal MonellaSal Monella11 dagar sedan
    • Yes

      Lyshje ZapataLyshje Zapata11 dagar sedan
  • I don’t get the brush part Please tell me if u know

    Angel._. GachaAngel._. GachaMinut sedan
  • I'm 4/11

    Cymone loveCymone love3 minuter sedan
  • Cranberry juice is for UTIs (or to help with yeast infections...yogurt too)

    Lynn Marie BridgesLynn Marie Bridges14 minuter sedan
  • When she said "sneeze" I sneezed 😥😣

    Kaelin M.Kaelin M.15 minuter sedan
  • Sssniperwolf: boiz will not understand this. Me: well, ima girl so doz that mean i' m bio sexual????????

    Penelope GoinPenelope Goin15 minuter sedan
  • df is the red towel for?

    Jerlyn SolanoJerlyn Solano16 minuter sedan
  • Did Lia just say she’s 5’4 gurl.... I’m barely a teen and taller than ya 😅😅😅

    Lilium UwULilium UwU20 minuter sedan
  • you are relly smart

    madi gertschmadi gertsch22 minuter sedan
  • Imma boy and I understand... Is that bad???

    DokkanLegacyDokkanLegacy32 minuter sedan
  • I follow you on likee

    Jackeline HernandezJackeline Hernandez43 minuter sedan
  • I’m confused

    Noah HenaultNoah Henault48 minuter sedan
  • I’m short and I don’t have neither a tall guy or a short guy actually I have no guy ;-;

    Ok And? • 57 years ago •Ok And? • 57 years ago •51 minut sedan
  • Usually I don’t get to go home because I’m not working today because I’m not working tomorrow night so I’m not working tonight I’m so not much I want you too I’ll let y’all go bye bye love ya bye bye now now lol 😂

    Lucas FolkerLucas Folker56 minuter sedan
    • Sr my sister is in my acount

      Lucas FolkerLucas Folker55 minuter sedan
  • Naw ye I know this stuff Being the only boy in a family with girls I have no choice 😐😑

    NolimitDarrenellNolimitDarrenellTimme sedan
  • A noice pairz or tah tahs

    kateisyourhomiekateisyourhomieTimme sedan
  • Lia whats attach in your ear? That a pin there O.o

    Sharoonie_5Sharoonie_5Timme sedan
  • I literally got a tiktok add in the middle of this video -.-

    Esme AEsme ATimme sedan
  • When my ec shaved the side of his head (not all the way off but short) i kinda didn't like him that much but i got used yo it

    Gacha llama's!Gacha llama's!Timme sedan
  • Yall talk about how you love being short, and tall peeps complaining but I love being tall, I actually wanna be taller, (do not ask why because I have no idea myself)

    Kimberly PerineKimberly PerineTimme sedan
  • yes

    Madison MarinoMadison MarinoTimme sedan
  • Wow

    Shadow MoonShadow MoonTimme sedan
  • I don't get the brush tik tok at the beginning

    Parayeet 1234Parayeet 12342 timmar sedan
  • Hair brush means long hair tagngls = pain short hair messy hair = hard to brush = pain

    Ragan MooreRagan Moore2 timmar sedan
  • Why is she wearing a saftey pin in ear

    Hassan SiddiquiHassan Siddiqui2 timmar sedan
  • Why we not

    Mire MartinMire Martin2 timmar sedan
    • Why would we not

      Mire MartinMire Martin2 timmar sedan
  • the cranberry juice is for a UTI (urinary tract infection)

    helloxkittyhelloxkitty2 timmar sedan
  • * no juge

    catgirl catcatgirl cat2 timmar sedan
  • Does anyone realize she is wearing safety pins as earings? Like if u did. ⬇️

    catgirl catcatgirl cat2 timmar sedan
  • When I was in it I would walk to the bath room have my friend bring my backpack pass me the pad and bring my backpack back to class.

    IGAYIGAY2 timmar sedan
  • Your videos are funny and awesome keep it up

    Kamilo TinocoKamilo Tinoco2 timmar sedan
  • Leah being like 26 and my mom being 39 and pretty-

    Lovely SoundzLovely Soundz2 timmar sedan
  • I wait until the toilet flushes 😭😭

    Kinga KonopnickaKinga Konopnicka3 timmar sedan
  • "Only girls should understand" *coughs in trans guy*

    •sad child••sad child•3 timmar sedan
  • I’m 4”5 😂

    Sincere StoreySincere Storey3 timmar sedan
  • Cranberry juice= a good way to stop pain when on a period

    Acid SasidAcid Sasid3 timmar sedan
  • I'm 5'0 I can't help but take the tall guys

    Samantha FreemanSamantha Freeman3 timmar sedan
  • Bro “That BRUSH”

    The HolmesesThe Holmeses3 timmar sedan
  • Yes, I chugged cranberry juice.

    Rey the puppetRey the puppet3 timmar sedan
  • Girl: Doesn't mean you bully- Me getting five starred by my guy bsf: '-'

    *Bai the Pineapple**Bai the Pineapple*3 timmar sedan
  • Another name for these. Things That 4 Years Olds Don't Understand

    _Natsuki __Natsuki _3 timmar sedan
  • Every month we have a red ribbon in our PP.

    x s u n xx s u n x3 timmar sedan
  • SSSsniperwolf make TickTock’s and then react to your own TickTocks

    Adrianna Loves pugsAdrianna Loves pugs3 timmar sedan
  • I can't scroll.... I'm very tall i swipe on screen nothing happens:

    CookiesN CrumbsCookiesN Crumbs4 timmar sedan
  • Im 4"11 sad life

    RxsyDreamyRxsyDreamy4 timmar sedan
  • me when i see overwatch: -just grabs ma PS4 and puts in overwatch and plays it for hours on end-

    luna the random hybridluna the random hybrid4 timmar sedan
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="187">3:07</a> had me diying

    Julia CastroJulia Castro4 timmar sedan
  • i'm a girl irl, and tbh i didn't understand the brush thing even tho i am 16

    Shoyo HinataShoyo Hinata4 timmar sedan
  • XD ilysm

    LilPeep IsHotLilPeep IsHot4 timmar sedan
  • OMG I had my friends friend ask me to be his fornite Gf I was like B NO

    Alice PuppiesAlice Puppies4 timmar sedan
  • When short girl uses the excuse of you being "just tall" just say "Actually I'm the average Male/Female/Non-Binary/Ect. height, your shorter than the average female height." My friend thought I was speaking gibberish when I said this lol

    · M a y s o n ·· M a y s o n ·4 timmar sedan
  • We noticed the brush at the same time and I gasped so loud

    Makayla FloresMakayla Flores4 timmar sedan
  • Can you do more mincraft video's with digetall

    Wen KayWen Kay4 timmar sedan
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="79">1:19</a> idk it’s funny

    emerald_oceanemerald_ocean4 timmar sedan
  • My self a steam is crap because I'm the tall kid and bit thick so I don't like the way I look but um getting better at loving my self the way I am °u°

    Gracie OneillGracie Oneill5 timmar sedan
  • Yay I'm a girl

    Rimmas RhallRimmas Rhall5 timmar sedan
  • Girl this is so true 😂

    Ryleigh O'DellRyleigh O'Dell6 timmar sedan
  • I heard that boys will put their hands in their pockets and sometimes itch there who ha in secret so nobody knows. how do you not notice that they are doing that!?!?!

    FionaPlayz DaGamesFionaPlayz DaGames6 timmar sedan
    • Seriously ruined 4 pairs of pants in the month of may because of my THIGHS!

      niduoe streniduoe stre5 timmar sedan
  • Hi

    Carolyn BarberCarolyn Barber6 timmar sedan
  • Hahahahaha I’m a kid this is my gg

    Carolyn BarberCarolyn Barber6 timmar sedan
    • I know boys who would understand this. Man, boys are weird.

      niduoe streniduoe stre5 timmar sedan
  • please explain the brush one

    Serenade BirdsongSerenade Birdsong6 timmar sedan
  • Yeah

    Tracey StewartTracey Stewart6 timmar sedan
  • Is it just me or did I understand every tiktok even though I’m a boy 😂

  • leah:when i see a pretty girl i say wow she's pretty me:your pretty yourself:) leah:can you read mind's?

    Kayte MacMasterKayte MacMaster6 timmar sedan
  • What was the brush one👁👄👁

    moto motomoto moto7 timmar sedan
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="349">5:49</a> OMG I thought that was just me, glad I'm not the only one😂

    trinity mchellentrinity mchellen7 timmar sedan
  • Sssniperwolf trying to explain a period

    Gabryella Mensah-DapaaGabryella Mensah-Dapaa7 timmar sedan
  • Totars?

    Natalie BorgNatalie Borg7 timmar sedan
  • Yes

  • We guys have pocket

    DaveMGKing's.DaveMGKing's.7 timmar sedan
  • Why dis this so true though

  • Is no one talking about her hair☠️

    {Gacha_tea}{Gacha_tea}7 timmar sedan
  • Wait the mic thing kinda happened to me today..... So I was playing Dropzone spy games (fill) and this kid starts talking so I put my mic on and he’s like “ wAiT ARE YOU A GIRL!?” And I’m like” yeah, you got a problem with that “ and then he’s like “ NO NO NO” 🤣 true story 👍🏻

    Shadowed_Moonlight 23Shadowed_Moonlight 238 timmar sedan
  • I know boys who would understand this. Man, boys are weird.

    Hayden The BlueberryHayden The Blueberry8 timmar sedan
  • Seriously ruined 4 pairs of pants in the month of may because of my THIGHS!

    Julianna SkeansJulianna Skeans8 timmar sedan

    Lizzy The Cupcake RobloxLizzy The Cupcake Roblox8 timmar sedan
  • Nah being somewhere the 5" ft category doesn't have that advantage Because I'm 5"0 and im eleven ( well almost) taller then 98.9% of my friends and then i wish i was shorter. :c

    Singularity MySingularity My8 timmar sedan
  • No dont do tik toks only guys can understand because guys are dim witted idiots who are just cruel and pothetic

    Chloe LawesChloe Lawes8 timmar sedan
  • Yup I love red towels

    Livia Ar Ladi BuccioliniLivia Ar Ladi Bucciolini8 timmar sedan
  • I'm short so I get used as a arm-rest ha ha ha half of my the boys in my grade are scared of me

    LolBitLolBit8 timmar sedan