Quick & Simple Breakfast Recipes With Gordon Ramsay

Here are a few recipes to help make your time inside a little more enjoyable.
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Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit - po.st/REpVfP

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  • Yo sacado de pedo porque le echó azúcar y canela al webito, pero era caballero pobre

    HssnHssnTimme sedan
  • It was 6 years of age when mum brought a huge tray of eggy bread W O W

    Ur_mom_gay8903Ur_mom_gay8903Timme sedan
  • Too much carbs and greasy

    David S.David S.Timme sedan
  • Very "quick"&"simple" :)

    Fakhri MuhammadFakhri MuhammadTimme sedan
  • Quick video on how you make coffee....

    Tony AguilarTony Aguilar3 timmar sedan
  • Egg and bread? That's what we call french toast

    Matthew McwilliamsMatthew Mcwilliams3 timmar sedan
  • My buddy made this dish and selfishly shared it with his wife, instead of Fed exing me half of it....we are no longer friends.

    Andrew MillerAndrew Miller3 timmar sedan
    • What a dick

      UnusualWarriorUnusualWarrior3 timmar sedan
  • That's not tasty that's shishty

    Spark GSpark G3 timmar sedan
  • The first one is my full explanation of a breakfast pizza

    jennifer hooverjennifer hoover3 timmar sedan
  • Welcome to another episode of "what I watch during quarantine?"

    Eli SebastianEli Sebastian4 timmar sedan
  • “Just a couple of tablespoons of sugar” Pours entire container of sugar into the pan

    Senior TurkeySenior Turkey4 timmar sedan
  • is it just me or was I able to smell the oatmeal with yogurt

    Noe BanosNoe Banos4 timmar sedan
  • Good job chef

    Raffiné CasablancaRaffiné Casablanca4 timmar sedan
  • well, its 2 am and guess what... time to dinner

  • He literally put his hands on a hot pan and feels nothing

    Jackie ThaiJackie Thai6 timmar sedan
  • That first one got Waffle House thinking “he stole my whole flow, word for word, bar for bar”

    Walt DeezneyWalt Deezney6 timmar sedan
  • man calls it “eggy-bread” 🤣🤣

    Arlo LArlo L6 timmar sedan
  • d r e a d f u l

    Everett DialEverett Dial6 timmar sedan
  • All awesome breakfast but you forgot the cheese grits...Ahhh the horror.

    Opal Preston ShirleyOpal Preston Shirley7 timmar sedan
  • Do you guys think he has a chef cook his food? I want to see his reactions when he’s served food😟

    Zamira EstradaZamira Estrada7 timmar sedan
  • I doubt Gordon eats as much sugar in a month as he puts in a single breakfast recipe.

    Nisarg ShahNisarg Shah7 timmar sedan
  • Where I live it is CRAZY to eat the first dish for breakfast. I looks like an immediate heart attack

    Aline BastosAline Bastos8 timmar sedan
  • You fucking burned the fucking potatos you idiot

    DeroyDeroy8 timmar sedan
  • Hmmmmmm I just got a Gordon Ramsay ad on a Gordon Ramsay video

    A random cat with internetA random cat with internet8 timmar sedan
  • Gordon *touches hot pan with no reaction*.Me *touches hot pan and screams bloody murder* 👌👌

    Emma BarajasEmma Barajas9 timmar sedan
  • If you want to eat as much as you want and still not put on weight, you NEED to try this porridge recipe (only 1min video): ​svproject.info/it/video/ZqywgrjfcManbbw.

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  • আলু ভাজি আর ডিমপূস বানাইসে চাচা

    hasanul bannahasanul banna9 timmar sedan
  • Комментарий для русских

    Илья ДусеИлья Дусе9 timmar sedan
  • Bro where the veggies at?????????

    루카루카9 timmar sedan
  • Bullsh..t ,ramzey,live food alone,you shoud take a few lessons from Jamey....

    Егор СавченкоЕгор Савченко10 timmar sedan
  • THANK GOD for not the "history of the potatoes" before the dish

    Vittorio MarquettiVittorio Marquetti10 timmar sedan
  • I just eat cereal....

    jshyper 777jshyper 77711 timmar sedan
  • Look very deliciosa Gordon and admire

    marie daymarie day11 timmar sedan
  • davie cooking is better than you CHEKMATE GORDON RAMSAY

    Gilang Septana28Gilang Septana2813 timmar sedan
  • I just made this breakfast glazed bacon baked egg h.browns. it's so facking good. Just doo it.

    Vasili PaninVasili Panin13 timmar sedan
  • To all Food critics in the comments- There are variants of french toast, with varying ingredients and names. You don't know shit about food.

    Stabby BearStabby Bear14 timmar sedan
  • He said in another show that the best breakfasts are in america. Ok go there and stay there. Disappointed in that comment... me and this wannabe yank are finished.

    Malcolm BiggsMalcolm Biggs16 timmar sedan
  • I aspire from you chef Ramsay!❤❤❤❤

    meddi meddimeddi meddi16 timmar sedan
  • O Mestre dos mestres... Gordon ícone!!!!

    Nilson EvertonNilson Everton16 timmar sedan
  • Avos needs pepper. But then again I love pepper on most things. Even strawberries.

    Ann DownSouthAnn DownSouth17 timmar sedan
  • Pay your staff!!!!

    Biddle LoveBiddle Love17 timmar sedan
  • “Just dot it with blackberries.” “Be very generous with the blackberries”

    Donavan McElroyDonavan McElroy17 timmar sedan
  • Same shit

    G PhoneG Phone17 timmar sedan
  • Imagine the bed time stories he told his kids. I can picture myself alot of wow moments and that they were incredible.

    Mats HåverstadMats Håverstad17 timmar sedan
  • And then your heart stop

    XXquantooXXXXquantooXX17 timmar sedan
  • so i just tried to making this and i see the <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="99">1:39</a> part is uh fuck...

    Horny OwOHorny OwO18 timmar sedan
    • How to get fat in 10 minutes :)

      kolim jonekolim jone17 timmar sedan
  • Gordon " the best breakfast in the world is always in America" He surely never tried Filipino breakfast like friedrice, Tuyo, kamatis and vinegar 💯💯

    Memes not for NormiesMemes not for Normies18 timmar sedan
    • this is how many gordon ramsay says caramelized ⬇

      kolim jonekolim jone17 timmar sedan
  • Is eggy bread just french toast?

    Mars HarrisMars Harris18 timmar sedan
  • Wheres the lamb sauce?!

    gold badonggold badong18 timmar sedan
  • 복집한데요??

    Park SOuthPark SOuth18 timmar sedan
  • "IT'S RAW"

    Tazizus55Tazizus5519 timmar sedan
  • I got fascinated when he pours everything without measuring it :>

    SaintIn DarkSaintIn Dark19 timmar sedan
  • Gordon ur mom GAY

    D E M O ND E M O N19 timmar sedan
  • he just touches the pan as if it is not hot at all and if it was me i would not even get close into it

    Mr reactionMr reaction19 timmar sedan
  • Why does he keep moving while cooking ? Like is you agree👍🏻👇🏻

    Rushil TharejaRushil Thareja20 timmar sedan
  • Gordon with everything else : fuck off! Gordon with French toast: eggy bread :)

    Lindsay KLindsay K21 timme sedan
  • That looks boging

    David’s armyDavid’s army21 timme sedan
  • The moste beautiful breakfast I've ever seen 😍

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  • My breakfast consists of air

    Rachel OukRachel Ouk22 timmar sedan
  • "Quick and Simple" isn't quick and simple at all.

    Rose AnRose An22 timmar sedan
  • this is how many gordon ramsay says caramelized ⬇

    Jilleanne Beatriz VirayJilleanne Beatriz Viray22 timmar sedan
  • How to get fat in 10 minutes :)

    marc dujardinmarc dujardin22 timmar sedan
  • Gordon probably want to slap me but I would rather have a sausage burrito from McDonald's breakfast , actually they are a dollar so I get 3 or 4 with a Coke and I'm a very happy fat fella. But all this looks great as well but McDonald's sausage burrito is beating everything.

    Lvrboy DashabuckLvrboy Dashabuck23 timmar sedan
  • I wonder what eggs benedict is?

    Lvrboy DashabuckLvrboy Dashabuck23 timmar sedan
  • If I were to make these recipes in this video and post it to twitter, do you think Gordon Ramsey would roast me?

    Shannon GildayShannon GildayDag sedan
  • Next time crack that egg on a flat surface, trust me I’ve learned from the best, his name you wonder? Gordon Ramsay 🤯👌

    Austin FortnerAustin FortnerDag sedan
  • Yeah but not all people got a big kitchen in my house if there's a lil bit of smoke the alarm go off

    Lil SanchLil SanchDag sedan
  • I like how you changed it for us outside of america. Normally the yanks would have dredged that in processed cheese then battered and deep fried the lot and served with a 80 ounce milkshake.

    Kyle DCKyle DCDag sedan
  • I dont know if you'll ever see this, but your direct and calculated approach to cooking truly planted a seed in my analytical mind and turned cooking into a journey not a task. Fine tune it all. Thank you sir.

    Kyle RochaKyle RochaDag sedan
  • No one is gonna talk about him pronouncing yogurt like that...

    Kath AnneKath AnneDag sedan
  • RomRom gramsay UwU (sorry I had to XD)

    Felix DubFelix DubDag sedan
  • So I tried the "eggy bread" this weekend with apples! I've made French Toast before, but never this way, and it came out amazing. Subtle flavors with a nice crisp. And I've never caramelized apples before but bro - it was really easy. Just cooked them over medium-low heat with a pinch of brown sugar and a tablespoon of syrup and they came out awesome. Thanks Gordon!

    Coty SchwabeCoty SchwabeDag sedan
  • College students: "what's a breakfast?"

    tito fauzantito fauzanDag sedan
  • Thats not quick nor simple lol

    Amadeus NunesAmadeus NunesDag sedan
  • If I was his kid, I’d be so fucking fat.

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  • cool video,I really like

    Ann&DenAnn&DenDag sedan
  • Quick and simple to me is pouring a bowl of fruity pebbles.

    Todd SecorTodd SecorDag sedan
  • This man just gets right to it! No intro, just go!

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  • Warning!! Cooking this will result in diabetes!

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  • Twat

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