Making An Army of DOGS In Minecraft - Part 31

I created an army of dogs in this lets play of Minecraft
Sub to be epic:
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We still haven't gone back to the stronghold in this let's play of Minecraft. But we will again soon to fight the Ender Dragon
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Ladda ner



  • Tired of arguing with morons... Time for some Minecraft 😆

    legalize homicidelegalize homicide10 timmar sedan
  • remember jack dogs frik with there siblings all the time just look at dogamy and dogaresa from undertale there moms and dads were the same and they were marred

    king NIJALITY the grateking NIJALITY the grate11 timmar sedan
  • I have bad news I don’t like potato’s 😭 I with I did

    TT GamingTT Gaming11 timmar sedan
    • Wish

      TT GamingTT Gaming11 timmar sedan
  • Chickens: *attempt to procreate* Jack: TRASH!!!

    Potato BrainPotato BrainDag sedan
  • Right now I'm thinking of lonely Sam and the other animals are and how many eggs Chuck laid while Jack was gone from Minecraft.

    Jason LanceJason LanceDag sedan
  • Image all the earthquakes now

    Kosta AnagnostopoulosKosta AnagnostopoulosDag sedan
  • Cool

    100k subs without a video100k subs without a videoDag sedan
  • mhmh amry of dog can kill

    wen hua simwen hua simDag sedan
  • Sacrifice Chuck to the Minecraft gods lol

    Child Aftons backup accountChild Aftons backup accountDag sedan
  • Use the doges to stop the chukes even thi i want chuk to win

    Mr. CitrouilleMr. Citrouille3 dagar sedan
  • Aaand another series bites the dust...

    DamageIncMDamageIncM3 dagar sedan
  • Jack: This is a frick chamber for dogs. PETA: You what mate?

    Tom StudiosTom Studios4 dagar sedan
  • since you love so boat why don’t you marry boat? ok gottem baiiiiiii this had me ded. i was just sitting alone in my house just wheezing and dying

    Nora SpingarnNora Spingarn5 dagar sedan
  • Wheres the Minecraft bro

    Mr. Minecraft.95Mr. Minecraft.956 dagar sedan
  • its 12 not 9

    Wild HotdogsWild Hotdogs6 dagar sedan
  • 6:11 does anybody see his camera shake

    KGroveGaming 07KGroveGaming 076 dagar sedan
  • I want next episode Reeeeeeeeee! (•O•)

    this Is only RUSSIAthis Is only RUSSIA7 dagar sedan
  • If you put a gold clock in an item frame, you actually can have a clock, on your wall, that tells you the time.

    Matthew GailMatthew Gail7 dagar sedan
  • My brother don't get jokes cause when Jack said u don't know me my bro said I do ur jacksepticeye

    Summer RaffertySummer Rafferty8 dagar sedan
  • You should put Samson on the throne! He should be the general!

    Code ZinxCode Zinx8 dagar sedan
  • 19:13 Jack: "I want to build a watchtower here..." Me: "To spy on Chuck?"

    Code ZinxCode Zinx8 dagar sedan
  • the creeper was sitting down for a drink in seans bar. omg i laughed so hard

    gkaincagkainca8 dagar sedan
  • I think that is too much for Sam okay Sam is now the master and you are a sleeve and you just happy for it I think that is too much for it sean

    • Because I love too

    • why did you comment like 6 times? every comment is worse than the one before

      NickSkywalker 01NickSkywalker 018 dagar sedan
  • You always get jumpscared by your cardboard yourself like a CHICKEN lol

  • Did you say you need more dogs to fight the wither...well I wanna let you know that when you summon the wither the wither will actually explode but be careful the wither’s explosion is super powerful it instantly kill iron golem with full health and also the wither flys how could you dogs reach the wither anyway?

  • Are you really scared of chickens HA! You’re such a chicken

    • I’ll definitely

    • Duuude slow down it's just a game

      depressed sandwichdepressed sandwich2 dagar sedan
  • It would be really nice if you shut up by saying IN MINECRAFT? With the annoying voice you kept doing everytime it’s super annoying

  • Are you seriously gonna call everything Irish like a lame weirdo idiot

  • I gotta be honest you’re intro sucks and it’s annoying at the same time this game is not Irish idiot everything is Irish this game is not related to you if you stop playing around and call everything Irish and countries it’s not a country game douchebag

  • You should kidnap a pig and name it Mickey after the Irish character from Family Guy Mickey McFinnigan. In Family Guy, he does your intro and drinks a lot, just like you. He's basically the Jacksepticeye of Family Guy! Like so Jack can see!

    Jason LanceJason Lance10 dagar sedan
  • Im starting to think that I should call the animal abuse people about you and Chuck...

    pop choppop chop11 dagar sedan
  • Why end here?

    Trent ReevesTrent Reeves11 dagar sedan
  • The water chickens are Chuck's children seeking revenge on Sean. Change my mind.

    Paulina BożykPaulina Bożyk11 dagar sedan
  • 16:53 Hey you come here often?

    Merb YerbMerb Yerb12 dagar sedan
  • Use the villagers for your own automatic farm

    Richard GonzalezRichard Gonzalez12 dagar sedan
  • Jack sing get back up

    Jhannvincent LibarnesJhannvincent Libarnes13 dagar sedan
  • Lol 😂

    Lauryn WelchPakiLauryn WelchPaki14 dagar sedan
  • But not enymore

    Lauryn WelchPakiLauryn WelchPaki14 dagar sedan
  • Hey jacksepticeye your gay with mackaplyer

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  • I miss minecraft what do I do with my life without it

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