Joyner Lucas & Will Smith - Will (Remix)

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Ladda ner



  • True, when you go against the grain like all the great scientists, inventors & revolutionaries they think you're corny or weird but in the end they respect you.

    Rasheed HugginsRasheed Huggins22 minuter sedan
  • Who tf can dislike this song this shit is fire🔥🔥❤️

    the punisherthe punisher27 minuter sedan
  • This is the 1000th time listening I learnit already who agree that will gotta more rap songs

    the punisherthe punisher32 minuter sedan
  • Need a real video

    WiDe AwaKe ReTrO DickensWiDe AwaKe ReTrO Dickens35 minuter sedan
  • Big Willy is forever a Legend! I am from Guinea Conakry, West Africa. I grew up with his movies, from Bad Boyz to Gemini man! Thanks for being a role model.

    KEMCultureKEMCulture57 minuter sedan
  • This will get a Grammy , producer hit a grandslam!!

    La'ren Deon FuquaLa'ren Deon FuquaTimme sedan
  • Fresh prince still got it

    Muhammad AliMuhammad AliTimme sedan
  • Honestly, the reason why Will saying he accomplished all he did without cursing is because every big rap song that you can think of has cursing in it. What he did is kinda a huge flex.

    Kai smKai smTimme sedan
  • Fire asf 🔥🔥 check out my recents and give me some feedback if you see this comment anyone !!!!

    Bankr GamingBankr GamingTimme sedan
  • The "i feel like a prince that turn into a king found me a queen turn into a team" verse hit me hard

    FazeRaze223 goatedFazeRaze223 goated2 timmar sedan
  • I ain’t know Crank Lucas produced this beat 🔥 🔥 🔥

    McKinzie M8McKinzie M82 timmar sedan
  • Sth wrong with spotify?

    Jose CalderJose Calder2 timmar sedan
  • Crank lucas yeah

    Robert DumitruRobert Dumitru3 timmar sedan
  • Danm will

    Simmie BarnesSimmie Barnes4 timmar sedan
  • When the two smartest boys in the class work on a project together.

    10k Subscribers Without Videos Challenge10k Subscribers Without Videos Challenge4 timmar sedan
    • Damn true man!!!

      Trending BuzzTrending Buzz2 timmar sedan
  • Will Smith I love his lyrics in this song thank you you don't have to cus to make good music!!

    Monica AnnMonica Ann4 timmar sedan
  • When I found out that Will smith was back I was fucking hyped

    James DeDonatoJames DeDonato4 timmar sedan
  • check out my remix to this song okay okay thx bye.

    SLOW DX66 The First Native Rap Star First NativeSLOW DX66 The First Native Rap Star First Native4 timmar sedan
  • Why am I cryin???😭🙏🏿

    Wretch WalkerWretch Walker4 timmar sedan
  • They DID that 👏🏿

    Jacara WatkinsJacara Watkins5 timmar sedan
  • This is so legendary I give my roses to these wonderful black men 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

    kaleek gibbskaleek gibbs5 timmar sedan
  • Shout out was big boppin'

    dont worryAboutitdont worryAboutit5 timmar sedan
  • Love Will Smith, but, this is kinda cringe.

    Don Lemon partyDon Lemon party5 timmar sedan
  • If will was still a rapper, he’d he at the top of the game. He had an insane flow i would not expect🔥😤

    Daniel NavasDaniel Navas5 timmar sedan
  • Why is Will Smith better than all the Lil’s?

    Daniel NavasDaniel Navas5 timmar sedan
  • Ok OK, I'll watch 5 times more and that's it

    MaestroComboMaestroCombo5 timmar sedan
  • Will was fireeeeeee

    Unika NgxononoUnika Ngxonono6 timmar sedan
  • Can someone please paste the two versions of Will (one with just Joyner rapping and the other with Will Smith) together. That would be absolutely awesome

    KillerbeamWasTakenKillerbeamWasTaken6 timmar sedan
  • James Avery will always be someone's uncle all the lesson he taught Will on and off screen. He was wonderful actor R.I.P James Avery

    Sir VincealotSir Vincealot6 timmar sedan
  • Not every hero wears a Cape

    Mikal HouleMikal Houle7 timmar sedan
  • sickk!!!

    Qwertyyy YrwqdxcQwertyyy Yrwqdxc7 timmar sedan
  • Will still got it man ❤❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥🔥

    PrincePrince7 timmar sedan
  • Most people think Will Smith is an actor who can rap... he's actually a rapper who can act.

    DeviLzDeviLz8 timmar sedan
  • Will dropped bars, no chorus, just pure bars, no cussing, just bars😍😍😍

    Mr MongzMr Mongz8 timmar sedan
  • RIP Uncle Phil!

    Nick DesrochesNick Desroches11 timmar sedan
  • Best every for you, bet me

  • The scene when Uncle Phil hugs Will cause his father leaves him, Gets me everytime

    5000 Subscribers before 15 July5000 Subscribers before 15 July12 timmar sedan
  • Yo imagine writing a song about your celebrity and then getting a remix with your celebrity.

    5000 Subscribers before 15 July5000 Subscribers before 15 July12 timmar sedan
  • I used to be a fan but after hearing this masterpiece, I am a whole air conditioner

    5000 Subscribers before 15 July5000 Subscribers before 15 July12 timmar sedan
  • will is on fireeeeeeee

    rhodien santosrhodien santos12 timmar sedan
  • Let’s talk about how Will killed this shit! And Joyner is dope AF and his debut album is remarkable. This just makes my music soul all happy. Good job

    5000 Subscribers before 15 July5000 Subscribers before 15 July12 timmar sedan
  • Will should left his career in acting in order to make rap musics. He better rap than acting hahaha

    Ti TeTi Te13 timmar sedan
  • Mohamed Ali was biggiest legend ever r.i.p

    fanaan 2020fanaan 202013 timmar sedan
  • I lost my virginity to this song

    Ice MigiIce Migi13 timmar sedan
  • Who all went to see if all his other songs had a cuss word

    Flaws -Flaws -13 timmar sedan
  • Joyner lucas looks like yoel romero

    MarkMark13 timmar sedan
  • Joyner ma man 😍🙏

    Snowflake StudiosSnowflake Studios13 timmar sedan
  • Ngl this hits different when you are depressed of thinking about family

    Mohammed Omer FarooqueMohammed Omer Farooque14 timmar sedan
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    MasterM2kMasterM2k15 timmar sedan
  • Omg omg omg 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Don BakerDon Baker15 timmar sedan
  • This SLAPPED!!

    Mia RahmingMia Rahming15 timmar sedan
  • This song smacks

    Trav BruhTrav Bruh15 timmar sedan
  • will still got it

    Abby C TVAbby C TV15 timmar sedan
  • Love thifd

    Jalissa BenitezJalissa Benitez15 timmar sedan
  • somewhere there is a vid of me on a beta cassette of me and my boy rappin "nightmare on my street" as a teen!, I'm 52 yr old white dude lol.. Will has always been a influence and a class act,and should run for president of your country!

    regit Meisnerregit Meisner16 timmar sedan
  • Very Dope!

    Will PryorWill Pryor16 timmar sedan
  • Will is better than Jaden no cap 🔥

    Kid SavageKid Savage16 timmar sedan
  • Literally dusted all of these young so called rappers

    Rhys GodwinRhys Godwin16 timmar sedan
  • *Lol this is almost better than the weeknds American Dad song*

    iiroseboomeriiroseboomer17 timmar sedan
  • This video needs more views ❌🧢

    Jay KohJay Koh17 timmar sedan
  • Trump: did someone say build a wall

    Kavari ShettlesworthKavari Shettlesworth17 timmar sedan
  • Will Smith went hard

  • I was left speechless after hearing the song. This was outstanding, I don’t know what else to say, just very well done, anyone that dislikes the song, I just don’t have no idea how they could

    Black-N-BeautifulBlack-N-Beautiful18 timmar sedan
  • This collab is so fire. Will Smith and Joyner Lucas on the same track is LEGENDARY

    Curtis BoltCurtis Bolt18 timmar sedan
  • Fuck, I love this.

    O JLO JL18 timmar sedan
  • Two thumbs up for giving great role models their roses & making it a fire song. Love it man!!👍🏽👍🏽

    Moe PMoe P18 timmar sedan
  • I love how will talks about how he’s not that perfect and then pretty much killed this song😂😂💀

    Tevinn TannerTevinn Tanner18 timmar sedan
  • Damn, Will.

    PinkyArcadePinkyArcade19 timmar sedan
  • This song is hot!!!!

    Ms. BeerusMs. Beerus19 timmar sedan
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    Alexandrite TanzaniteAlexandrite Tanzanite19 timmar sedan
  • Ey 🔥🔥🔥👊🙆

    Nino WizzleNino Wizzle20 timmar sedan
  • *Joyner, achieve what Will did, be a TV star first*, and then rap battle against Brandy. 🤣

    Donnie : eimaXeDonnie : eimaXe21 timme sedan
  • Uh.. Sir... *Will made your verse sound like a hook*.

    Donnie : eimaXeDonnie : eimaXe21 timme sedan
  • I love this

    Andrea CochranAndrea Cochran21 timme sedan
  • Mr. Smith - You were the legend and will always be the legend. A big shout out to the Fresh Prince. Truly your life has been nonetheless than a movie. Respect ✊

    ATR AcademicsATR Academics21 timme sedan
  • Bruh I ain't know will Smith could rap like this 🔥🔥🔥

    Sion BEATZSion BEATZ21 timme sedan
  • This was hot ASF!!!!!!! Will still got it. I'm from the old school era we had REAL F*** TALENT!!!!!!! REAL MUSIC REAL EVERYTHING WELL SOMEWHAT😜😜

    Reginald lewisReginald lewis21 timme sedan
  • Wow! Will smith did a great job ! ❤️

    Certified WeenieCertified Weenie22 timmar sedan
  • The haters aint gonna like this

    Deez Nuttz from BrooklynDeez Nuttz from Brooklyn22 timmar sedan
  • Will better than his son

    Arfie LalaniArfie Lalani22 timmar sedan