Joe Rogan Experience #1439 - Michael Osterholm

Michael Osterholm is an internationally recognized expert in infectious disease epidemiology. He is Regents Professor, McKnight Presidential Endowed Chair in Public Health, the director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP), Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Division of Environmental Health Sciences, School of Public Health, a professor in the Technological Leadership Institute, College of Science and Engineering, and an adjunct professor in the Medical School, all at the University of Minnesota. Look for his book "Deadliest Enemy: Our War Against Deadly Germs" for more info.

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  • "10 x 15 times worse than the seasonal flu"....really? In the winter of 2017-2018- the United States experienced 80,000 deaths from Influenza. New lets do the basic math: 15 x 80,000 = 1,200,000. That is half of the US population--- I DON'T THINK SO.

    Dan WohlslagelDan Wohlslagel2 timmar sedan
    • LMAO, failed math?

      Bruce HaugeBruce Hauge23 minuter sedan
  • We need to throw the biggest fucking parties ever when this is all over. If it is ever over. Actually crying over it partially. I hardly ever cry but I certainly had reasons to before this virus. Good luck to everyone (apart from nasty people)

    Ian JamesIan James2 timmar sedan
  • This top doctor exposes everything.

    shanniworldshanniworld2 timmar sedan
  • All you need to do is breath? What the F? No not true, unless you are in the face of someone coughing with the virus. Why don't you create some more useless panic.

    shanniworldshanniworld2 timmar sedan
  • You are a fucking idiot and not a doctor. If you were you would not be talking such shit.

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  • So does kDad514 (who has a comment with 32k likes that for some reason has no "reply" option) and anyone else want to discuss how this "expert's" "conservative" estimates of 96million cases are currently at 1.5m? Oh, and how he coincidentally had a book on viruses available for sale during this fear mongering whore of an interview? Anyone? Or do we think we'll get that 1.5m cases will creep towards that 96m number by year's end? I laughed this guy off the f'ing screen the day this came out, the second I saw him so eloquently provide those LUDICROUS figures. Asshole. And you're just a bunch of freakin sheep.

    G SamG Sam2 timmar sedan

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    • ohhhh stfu

  • He says it’s not lab created. This documentary says otherwise:

    Michael NiceMichael Nice4 timmar sedan
  • Fat old fucks are going to die!! Love george carlin him warned us about this also bill burr warned us in walk you way out special it's scary to know that now air the thing we breath to live can fucking kill us so what we do ? Stop breathing or drinking water we are so fucked!!and we don't even know it till now

    Juan HernandezJuan Hernandez5 timmar sedan
  • America you wanted Trump as your president you got what you deserve. MAGA How's that working for ya ?

    Rod McDonaldRod McDonald7 timmar sedan
  • Its frsutrating to hear two similarly qualified people have such different views. Here is another extended interview with an epidemiologist that is well worth listening to

    David PrendergastDavid Prendergast7 timmar sedan
  • For the lazy

    uzername1nvaliduzername1nvalid7 timmar sedan
  • When ppl say the government is trying to make us panic and use their services so they make money is retarded because that just means they want the human race to survive so ppl should just trust the government more

    Tillman ForsythTillman Forsyth8 timmar sedan
  • zIW3TQpVJYs - Scientifically quoted proof that Mr. Osterholm is being deceitful.

    Piss BenderPiss Bender8 timmar sedan
  • It was probably a bad flu season, because alot of those cases were probably COVID 19

    BIG Joe DuncanBIG Joe Duncan10 timmar sedan
  • Only ONE person died from Sepsis from infection of the port the IV treatment - and he makes us think that is why we should not get treated for Lyme Disease. What a joke. There are clinicians who take advantage of people for every kind of problem - like cancer (for eg. telling people they have cancer and treating them, making gobs of money, when they didn't actually have cancer). Bearing down on crooked doctors would fix that. IT IS NOT AUTO-IMMUNE. But yes, thanks for admitting it is not mental illness.

    Caroline LennoxCaroline Lennox11 timmar sedan
  • Simple question: can Lyme/borellia be live cultured from the brains of dead victims of ALS,MS,PARKINSONS, ALZHEIMER'S FIBROMYALGIA,GLIOBLASTOMA'?

    ron rupskaron rupska11 timmar sedan
  • Lyme Disease - he denies the truth - that Lyme Disease causes immune SUPPRESSION, a B-Cell type AIDS in a lot of people. He ignores the interviewer's comment of how someone the interviewer knows got Lyme Disease from the (failed, Lymerix) vaccine. This Infectious Disease (I.D.) doctor is pimping vaccines. Be wary - the 'new' Lyme Disease vaccine is just a remix of the old (and dangerous) one. This I.D. doctor might very well be in line to profit from vaccines, so listen with caution! "Crazy" voices? Wow, both the interviewer and the IDiot have just rudely denied the truth that there ARE some adverse reactions (and deaths) due to vaccines and because we have been LIED TO over and over, we do not trust I.D.'s anymore. It's not that everyone is 'crazy'. Some people just want to have their baby's immune systems tested before being jabbed. They want control over how often the jabs happen. They want informed consent, which they aren't getting. They want arms-length, unbiased studies. It's not an 'us or them' situation. There is middle ground.

    Caroline LennoxCaroline Lennox11 timmar sedan
  • More bull shot lies from these two demons..there is NO deadly virus....get outside and stop believing these liars....around the world. Satan is behind all this propaganda....wake up....

    Mary KellyMary Kelly11 timmar sedan

    George SweeneyGeorge Sweeney11 timmar sedan
  • This guys comments aren't aging well. Would love to hear him come back and explain his fear mongering now that we have data to easily disprove the millions dead myth.

    m3dmondsm3dmonds12 timmar sedan
  • Why doe it not really affect children? Because it wasn't designed for them this was all about getting rid of the so called dead wood on the planet it was for the old and weak. Very Spartan of them!

    Davidoff SwarovskiDavidoff Swarovski13 timmar sedan
  • So this guy knew it was coming, before it happened? Is he then part of the group who released it on the world?

    Davidoff SwarovskiDavidoff Swarovski13 timmar sedan
  • Lol if you could predict it, you could have attempted to put measures out to stop or slow it but you didn't. What does that say?

    Davidoff SwarovskiDavidoff Swarovski13 timmar sedan
  • The best PodCast ever

    Ernesto Porras-PoloErnesto Porras-Polo13 timmar sedan
  • The whole world should live the animals alone and we then and the whole world will be bether.

    Miriam OliveraMiriam Olivera13 timmar sedan
  • How about getting someone on who IS willing to talk about the negative effects of vaccines. Yes there are benefits, but there are also people who are or will be harmed. Those people are expected to just shut up and take their injuries for the “good of the many”. Our society needs people to be sceptical of government issued medical interventions. The studies are just not as good as most people think and they should be better, yet advocating for better and longer studies is labelled “anti vax” and therefore crazy. I think we can see from the corona crisis just how little these “experts” know about many diseases, how they might mutate in response to our actions and how to treat them when they do occur. This doctor admits he is selling vaccine investment and is annoyed by people being fearful of investing in experimental drugs. Please can we hear from the other side of the story too (there are many experts who know the real risks and are willing to talk about them) so we can make a fully informed decision? The Nuremberg code says we should all have a CHOICE of whether we take ANY medical intervention and we should not be coerced in any way. They said this for a reason.

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  • attached themselves to you. They have a sharp bite and nasty small red bite scar when you did them out. Their red injection spot goes away after several days.

    bilinas minibilinas mini16 timmar sedan
  • Its doctors talk now of its a** in the main motivation is to promote and get more work in the health industry that he is a major part of

    Bozo BosworthBozo Bosworth17 timmar sedan
  • it could it would it should .......BS.......Poor David Icke....Poor YT

    Paulie In DublinPaulie In Dublin17 timmar sedan
    • couldn’t have said it any better. Niceone

      Paulie In DublinPaulie In Dublin9 timmar sedan
    • Bah Bah bah BULSHIT

      bilinas minibilinas mini16 timmar sedan
  • I'll take our POTUS any day over this guy.

    Margaret HulitMargaret Hulit17 timmar sedan
  • Caleb Steele As soon as you brought scientists with climate change up, knew you weren't credible. The scientists NOT being paid say NO to climate change. It is called WEATHER. Climate change brought on by the UN and Paris Agreement to raise $$ for the NWO. No thank you to this guy. I'll listen to our POTUS. He has the best team possible. If this guy was so great, he'd be on the team.

    Margaret HulitMargaret Hulit18 timmar sedan
  • Its all for big pharmas profits. "OMG WERE ALL GOING TO DIE I BETTER HAVE A VACCINE DONE! AAAHHHHH!!" Vaccines = money for big pharma. Also everyone included in the little spider web.

    TheRyadrianTheRyadrian19 timmar sedan
  • Blatant Disinformation. Just like the medical community to deny common logic! Not ALL of us are stupid!

    Ray BisellianoRay Biselliano19 timmar sedan
  • what a complete croc of shit,it is a fake outbreak.......sheeple

    The EithiopianThe Eithiopian19 timmar sedan
  • Hey, Joe you guys should interview or at least look into a video on SVproject assuming you haven’t already. You should, look into Knut Wittkowski. Not tryna advertise a SVproject channel but you can look into one I won’t send the link. Just type the name in to the search bar, it’s a very interesting video!

    Tristan ClarkeTristan Clarke19 timmar sedan
    • Into this one*

      Tristan ClarkeTristan Clarke19 timmar sedan
  • Your guest and you, both, apparently believe in the Global Warming myth. How sad is that? We need MORE CO2 and the fools are trying to reduce it. Didn't any of you learn in elementary school that PLANTS need CO2? I sure did. And CO2 is horrible as a greenhouse gas (hold little to NO heat in). So why the lies? CONTROL. To control you. To tax you even more. To keep you in FEAR. How simple minded the majority of us have become. And with Common Core, they will make sure your children can't even divide two 4 or 5 digit numbers. Dumb you down even more... it is so sad.

    rblibitrblibit20 timmar sedan
    • You sir should win Nobel Prize, I think you got it all figured out, #preachthewisdom

      Mister KMister K17 timmar sedan
  • Was the doctor professor being paid by china creating bio chemicles real or fake? The usa scientist ? $50,000 a month.

    Airforce OneAirforce One20 timmar sedan
  • For this guy to be correct, the number of deaths would have to double more than twice from the current numbers......I really don't see that happening, if that happens then what's going on now is truly nothing and the panic would be a hell of a lot worse....

    Anthony LaurenzaAnthony Laurenza21 timme sedan
  • Native Americans had so much wisdom to teach but all western man could think of is manifest destiny. Arrogance. Western man still believes he is god to all man. Not.

    makepeaceumakepeaceu21 timme sedan
  • Quit blaming this s*** on food markets in third world countries as you say what's wrong is Flash is European devilment

    Mario MendezMario Mendez21 timme sedan
  • If vaccines worked why are westerners so sick? Polio was blown out of proportion. Vaccines don’t heal. You have no business talking if you don’t want others to talk. Westerners hate Mother Nature and have polluted the earth with greed.

    makepeaceumakepeaceu21 timme sedan
  • Vaccines are poison dude. Western man and his poisons.

    makepeaceumakepeaceu21 timme sedan
  • So I’m not afraid of cold water like Joe.. I swim in the frozen see, never get I’ll.. why the fuck should I take flu vaccine Joe? Silly guy

    sieciehsiecieh22 timmar sedan
  • I now think this can go to your pets , then could it not got to livestock. The CDC as of April 7 is not sure about this yet. But the virus was suppose to do just that. So if this keeps going could large amounts of meat be affected?. Will it be safe?

    Karen RKaren R22 timmar sedan
  • Bah Bah bah BULSHIT

    cathy gambillcathy gambill22 timmar sedan
  • wake up Joe

    joah johnsonjoah johnson22 timmar sedan
  • this guy is an idiot and is a fucking liar period look into it

    joah johnsonjoah johnson22 timmar sedan
  • Does Rhonda Patrick agree about Sauna?

    hokusaihokusai22 timmar sedan
  • This guy is educated on the “germ theory” as well so fuck off

    DEA 528DEA 52822 timmar sedan
  • Lying fucking snakes

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  • Mankind by trying to save the Earth has interrupted it's natural routine and cleansing process. With all the politics involved there will be no wildlife left for anyone to eat and it will disrupt the whole ecosystem before they can get anything changed back to the Natural Way of things. Which basically means man stands back it takes a good hard look at how the Earth was dealing with these things in the past naturally. And then we would have to ensure that controlled Burns among other things would be allowed to happen again. There are also many blights with tree populations and because of controlled Burns we have just sat back and watch these things go up and down the East Coast. It's really stupid

    Jamie RaynsfordJamie RaynsfordDag sedan
  • In 2012 Dr Michael Osterholm did a report where I found that the flu shot "does not protect as promoted. It's a sales job. Its public relations." and now he says the flu shot works great and sights numbers from China and is being promoted everywhere. I dont trust this at all.

    Manicks ChannelManicks ChannelDag sedan
    • @EthannsHD they're always completely different flu shots. They're always mutating the flu strain in hopes that they can guess the next mutation and then put out that mutation in to the public through vaccination. It's quite ridiculous. Dr. Ethan.

      Manicks ChannelManicks Channel19 timmar sedan
    • Manicks Channel 2012 Completely Different flu shot formula Dr. Manick

      EthannsHDEthannsHD19 timmar sedan
  • Data actually does suggest this goes back at least to 2010 and is man made. Veiw the data for yourself.

    Nathan BurgettNathan BurgettDag sedan
  • So interesting that when I tried to go to It says this site can't be reached. Did this site get taken down ?

    Adore EternalAdore EternalDag sedan
    • Spelled with a C,

      heyandy xheyandy x22 timmar sedan
  • I dare say... Osterholm does a lot of sniffing, hope he hasn't caught something.

    Metastate12Metastate12Dag sedan
  • OK! We are getting out of our houses in two years!!

  • Does long term use of the lupus drug work?

    Bob B.Bob B.Dag sedan
  • Joe another GREAT guest. INFORMATION is POWER. Thank you again for being infront of the bullshit we hear EVERY day, about EVERTYTHING...Nicodemus

    Nico DemusNico DemusDag sedan
  • Thanks to this video I bought the last N95 masks in my country. Thank you Joe and Michael. //Best regards from Sweden (the guinea pig country)

    TeslaTeslaDag sedan
  • Hey Joe! I´m so glad that you´re making money on letting your guest spreading propaganda. Why don´t you ever put David Icke on instead, if you´re so "open-minded"? I know why and you know why.

    AventuraAventuraDag sedan
  • Sadly, this "detective" is defective in his logic. There is currently no test for the COVID-19 strain of Coronavirus. They are counting anyone with the coronavirus (common cold and flu) as being COVID-19 cases. This is deceptive and designed to strip all rights, liberties and wealth from the common man.

    Michael AlexanderMichael AlexanderDag sedan
  • Hows that black eye joe

    Andrew MacaulayAndrew MacaulayDag sedan
  • Um I'm sure 60 gigahertz might have something to do.

    Chad NovelliChad NovelliDag sedan
    • HOW DARE YOU?!! Shut up and don´t question "authority".

      AventuraAventuraDag sedan
  • Michael Osterholm is a bought of prostitute working for big Pharma. Watch Dr Shiva (guy who created EMAIL) exposing this LIE. Also, please give thumbs up if you think Joe Rogan should have this guy on. This guy is telling the truth.

    Reg JohnsonReg JohnsonDag sedan
  • how did the virus get on the aitcraft carrier? a flock of bats flew in from china?

    Javy McdeezJavy McdeezDag sedan
    • The boat left CA Jan 19th. Symptoms can take up to 2 weeks to reveal themselves. Or experience no symptoms. Next thing you know so many are sick they have to dock in Guam on March 26th. So no.. no bats from China flying in. But that's one heck of a guess champ.

      Deanna SzuterDeanna SzuterDag sedan
  • "Medical Detective?" Sounds like a medical disinformation shill. Covid MAY be a bioweapon, but not that deadly. This is way over-hyped, and the media is committing fraud. Like your guest. Listen to experts like: People better die after all the hype. The current truth is:

    The Light WarriorThe Light WarriorDag sedan
    • Go fuck yourself.

      Bruce HaugeBruce HaugeDag sedan
  • I gave Verizon 5G technicians a piece of my soul. NYC is on a quest to roll out 5G while it's residents are on lockdown. The 5G rollout consist of underground tubing and wire installations, which Verizon has primarily been given the go-ahead by NYS to get the job done. It also consists of pole renovation and building to install small cell towers which will be placed on nearly every block in New York City's densely-packed localities.

    QuietBoyMusikQuietBoyMusikDag sedan
    • I'm sure they laughed there asses off and shared a recording of your rant to their friends.

      Deanna SzuterDeanna SzuterDag sedan
  • This doctor sounds too sure of himself. He is also WRONG about some things.

    chindoochindooDag sedan
    • @Deanna Szuter you know it's hard to type on a phone.

      chindoochindoo21 timme sedan
    • By all means, keep those "things" to yourself. Don't you dare point them out.

      Deanna SzuterDeanna SzuterDag sedan
  • Empty. Absolutely empty. Virgin care woman goes nuts when confronted with facts. USA news using fraudulent Italian hospital footage. Dont believe the B.S .

    Brian ChamberlinBrian ChamberlinDag sedan
  • Why is this guy smirking through the entire interview? Joe for the sake of humanity please step up your vetting game. I don't think this guy really gives any helpful information. This seemed like an hour:20 of stroking an "I told you so" ego.

    Ron WilsonRon WilsonDag sedan
  • Mask does no good huh. BS!

    John WillardJohn WillardDag sedan

    Deshawn AtlazDeshawn AtlazDag sedan
  • Really.??.. go home if you can’t help

    Theresa CraneTheresa CraneDag sedan
  • Also... People in end state renal disease are likely to die of this disease anyways... :|

    dreadthedays saysdreadthedays saysDag sedan
    • dude is lying asf

      alisuo tokoalisuo tokoDag sedan
  • Anything that says "you do not need a mask" gets upvoted because people are lazy and cannot be bothered to idn... Care about preventing illness for people who can die. This podcast is just more misleading for people who apparently cannot read or hear. You mask if you are not sick... And you miss the point that lots of people show NO symptoms while they are contageous. A bunch of fools... I swear.

    dreadthedays saysdreadthedays saysDag sedan
    • This guy is a lying sack of sh*t.

      alisuo tokoalisuo tokoDag sedan
  • Michael Osterholm FO what a load of shit

    sarah xsarah xDag sedan
  • This guy is a hack Fake

    Queenbee 777Queenbee 777Dag sedan
  • More Americans have now caught the Coronavirus than the number of people that have liked this video.

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