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Extra special thanks to Jimmy for coming on and enduring such silly nonsense!!!!!!!!!!

Ladda ner



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    • Here before replies finish

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    • He has the DVDs- will we see the ending of Kid Nation?

      Atara Alyssa ChoAtara Alyssa Cho2 dagar sedan
    • I found the entire series of kid nation on uploaded on SVproject by someone called Mike Sparrow

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    • My boi Jimmy is the G O A T !

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    • RIDGE RACER!!!!

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  • Why dont you ask Jimmy to let u watch the other episodes of kid nation

    PoisonarrowbluePoisonarrowblue8 timmar sedan
  • You didnt spray his back

    Ryan HaynesRyan Haynes9 timmar sedan
  • Kids shoulda made hardtack

    Random CatRandom Cat9 timmar sedan
  • The first few fucking seconds he’s there, he’s being assaulted by Jon.

    Bageled GamingBageled Gaming9 timmar sedan
  • He should interview as many others from the show as he can.

    Redswimmer28Redswimmer289 timmar sedan
  • If only he could interview hunter... hunter was from the same town as me and I vaguely remember him being on the news once

    colinyates1991colinyates19919 timmar sedan
  • i love how positive and happy Jimmy is. Most interesting video iv'e watched in a while. edit: The i made it at the end killed me

    Tygo VdWTygo VdW9 timmar sedan
  • Now jimmy can brag he met jontron

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  • This Feels like an Eric Andre episode

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  • Me to my dog, every time I leave the house <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1177">19:37</a>

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  • LOVE THIS. so glad u were able to interview jimmy

    liz hliz h12 timmar sedan
  • It would be fun to see him interview the other actors on the show, to see how they where treated and how they felt about the whole thing.

    Beak SaverBeak Saver16 timmar sedan
  • "Fuck you dude I'm gonna kill you" Damn man

    TheRevanchistTheRevanchist16 timmar sedan
  • But I don’t have a dad

    Holly XDHolly XD17 timmar sedan
  • Drops beans on persian carpet *persian mom cries

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  • That ending really got me 😂

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  • Jontron should play spyro that game is my childhood

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    • Jontron we want more of that jimjam

      JoannaJoanna18 timmar sedan
  • So did anybody else know there is a birdemic 2?

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  • There’s a new flex product flex paste😹😹

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  • Jimmy: one girl got burnt Jon: what? Does she still have her face? Jimmy: pshh, I dont know

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  • Bought a ridge wallet burst into flames on the second day 11/10 should buy

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  • Does anyone else find it odd that when John mimes a camera, it appears to be a crank camera from the 1930s.

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  • Whatta guy

    Gruny 17Gruny 1721 timme sedan

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  • But the real question is Did Jimmy use that QR code?

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  • Would love to see Jon and jimmy review the whole series because jimmy mentions he owns all the dvds so I’d love to see them react to them together!! Make it a miniseries!

    Simon DenischuckSimon Denischuck22 timmar sedan
  • I feel like ive seen this guy on TV

    The saiyan WarriorThe saiyan Warrior23 timmar sedan
  • I tried this with 70 hatchlings on my island. By day five half of then were 6 feet under. By day ten the streets were lined with mickey mouse merchindise. It turns out a plane was flying overhead and they shot it down, consumed the piolets and raided the plane. By day fifteen I couldnt find anyone except for Ben Swartz laying unconsious in a puddle of apple juice and urine. Im going back tomorrow and ill update ya.

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  • You should do a reaction video the live action scooby-doo movie

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  • Where jock the bird

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  • I love him 😂 I hope the medical school goes well 😂🖤

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  • Jontron we want more of that jimjam

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  • Antknee’s got some competition in the wallet game

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  • I *need,* and I say that with absolute honesty, I *need* "Yeah, fuck you dude, I'm gonna kill you." to become a mainstream meme.

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  • Jimmy: I would be scared the poop would go in my My Mind: dang, me too

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  • Is this the real Jimmy, I can’t tell

    Woody BoiWoody BoiDag sedan
  • His hair changed color?

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  • Wheres flex tape 3

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  • Hello I have Subscribed

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  • Gotta say... Loved the first episode and Jon in general but the host kept enterupting...and enterupting... having the guy from on the show was SOO interesting but it barely didn't even matter when the host kept interupting... I wanted to hear his answers to the questions, but half way Jon did some joke and never got to hear.... terrrible shame! But the rest of the shows without interviews are good

    Rasmus B.R.Rasmus B.R.Dag sedan
    • Agreed, I hope he learns from this and works on being a better interviewer next time if he gets the chance.

      OnlyCalebOnlyCaleb22 timmar sedan
  • Petition for JonTron to get the whole cast back together and redo the experiment!

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  • Jontrons full name Jonathan Tronathan

    Tsuyu asuiTsuyu asuiDag sedan
  • Jon: "so did they at least do *insert basic human care/decency* ?" Jimmy: "So..." Pretty much the dynamic of this interview, and i love it.

    ultimateninjaboiultimateninjaboiDag sedan
  • Jared would have made a time machine by now if it wasn’t for him not getting a gold star

    George BoultonGeorge BoultonDag sedan
  • Honestly I love JonTron as an interviewer

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  • Little Jimmy could have been on Stranger Things. He still has great acting potential.

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  • Death by closing in 6 ft

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  • was this scripted ? XD

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  • cool

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  • You shod watch Phil swift in space

  • Review the Kazoo video of... 1989. Trace that kid

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  • Why is no one talking about how hot jimmy is now

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  • Who else is waiting for Flex Tape 3?

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  • I'm getting real Eric Andre Show vibes from this.

    Jacob MillerJacob MillerDag sedan
    • All we need to do now is to track down Jared.

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  • Hey Jon, you should let your eyebrows grow back out again too, shaving them things down too much brother lol

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    • Johntron there’s a new flex ad

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  • why is jontron like Eric Andre?

    PTasker15 PT15PTasker15 PT15Dag sedan
  • Someone please tell Jontron to open its subtitles so I can show its videos to my sister

    La PapayaLa PapayaDag sedan
  • He should really be a recurring member of the channel.

  • Jimmy looks like Jon's long lost brother

    FluffenheimFluffenheimDag sedan
  • ngl jimmy kinda sexy doe

    Vile The scumVile The scumDag sedan
  • Jimmy really seems like a cool person! Such a contagious laugh!

    kivzzzzkivzzzzDag sedan
  • Copper fit energy socks commercial. Look at it !!!

    Osvaldo RamirezOsvaldo RamirezDag sedan
  • You need to find more of the children who were on the show and interview them lol

    PrayersOf AngelPrayersOf AngelDag sedan
  • This was great! 😂🤣 and damn Jimmy grew up to be a good looking man!

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  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="410">6:50</a> I need to remember my spot nothing special

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  • Remember when john was on game grumps

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  • This is was... awkward

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  • I thought this was Schlatt

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  • Kid Nation is actually the first "strand" type show

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  • Johntron there’s a new flex ad

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  • All we need to do now is to track down Jared.

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  • Getting bigger change your hair colour 😂

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  • I know how to clean, since before I was ten, at the farm house my family lived in. Every saturday my dad made huge ass chore lists, inside and outside chores. So I know how to clean

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    • Subscribers I neeed

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  • You can see Jimmy go back to looking at John after looking at the floor with spaced eyes. My dude actually went through his memories and realized no one told him he was nice

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  • Theres so much more material here, we need more kid nation videos

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  • Little did Jimmy know, his escape would be the greatest decision he ever made. for all the children's souls would later be harvested by Jonathan Karsh.

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  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="968">16:08</a> I just realized that the chairs have fucking plastic wrap lol

    Amy FelixAmy FelixDag sedan
    • 8:40 something it was THERMO-SHOCKINGLY-COLD

      zijuiy wttuyzijuiy wttuyDag sedan
  • Do another happy hour

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