Finland PM Sanna Marin Takes on Brexit, Climate at First EU Summit

The newly appointed Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin chaired her first - and last - EU summit as Finland will leave the rotating EU presidency at the end of the year.
Only two days into her premiership, 34 year-old Marin hit the ground running on the international stage, to discuss Brexit and the climate crisis.
Talking about climate agreements at the summit, Marin said that it had been Finland's key priority to make a common decision about Europe become climate neutral by 2050.
"I am very glad that we could, that we have achieved decision together last night about this," she said, calling it a "major step forward."
On Brexit she welcomed the decisive action brought by the UK elections yesterday.
"This is a good thing that we now have clarity and we shall see how the process will continue," she said.
Answering a question about her age and diversity in the European Council, she said people from different generations and backgrounds were needed to make good decisions in society.
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  • Another climate fear mongering feminist in power, another country headed down the shit hole.

    me nosayme nosay11 dagar sedan
  • Finland has the Most Sexy Woman i have seen soooo Beautiful

    Jay WrigleyJay WrigleyMånad sedan
  • Yea finland, control your carbon emission 👹 - love china

    groyper jonesgroyper jones2 månader sedan
  • 99.9% of her appeal is being young and hot female. How does age and gender not matter. Hah.

    groyper jonesgroyper jones2 månader sedan
    • Maybe she gets more things done with rhat 😀

      Artur MarkowskiArtur MarkowskiMånad sedan
  • By 2030. Now go watch Rosa Koire’s Agenda 2030 exposed here on SVproject. It’s UN’s Agenda 21.

    Vampire Space KatVampire Space Kat2 månader sedan
  • Hahahahahhah... the Fins are Finished!!!!! This woman will wreck you... hahhahahaha A feminist at the helm.. lololol.. so done

    TravisTravis2 månader sedan
  • She basically is AOC with free reign....i have a feeling finland will be fucked, 4 years from now.

    Where am I? ShitsfuckedWhere am I? Shitsfucked2 månader sedan
  • What about "Kids Social Workers" who make lies of people's and broking human rigths what will Sanna Marin do for that!!? NOTHING!!!

    Kleopatra YeboahKleopatra Yeboah2 månader sedan
  • Talking "lies" its easy...👌 Sorry am working human rigths company too...

    Kleopatra YeboahKleopatra Yeboah2 månader sedan

    Suomen BoogalooSuomen Boogaloo2 månader sedan
    • @Ano Nyymi guncontrol is a precursor to dictatorship

      Suomen BoogalooSuomen Boogaloo2 månader sedan
    • Suomen Boogaloo becoming slave? How? Explain

      Ano NyymiAno Nyymi2 månader sedan
    • @Ano Nyymi there is the risk of loosing sovereignty . and the disarming of suomi kp's is the start of becoming a slave to the growing EU super continent, the EU was a trade deal and should stay as such.

      Suomen BoogalooSuomen Boogaloo2 månader sedan
    • Suomen Boogaloo Onko kaikki EU:ssa päin helvettiä?

      Ano NyymiAno Nyymi2 månader sedan
    • Sossun luukut kiinni.

      RusiTonkkari77RusiTonkkari772 månader sedan
  • She might be a inspiration for women a lot in around the world Sanna will be great world's youngest prime minister .

    Vieng ThonechanVieng Thonechan3 månader sedan
    • we shall see.

      pahakasvi venuksestapahakasvi venuksesta2 månader sedan
    • too extremist to start with im afraid. Extreme left & Extreme liberal and this attitude, she has said that "I am not taking advices from anyone, not from previous PM, nor anyone else." ..and "ARE YOU NOT ASHAMED!" was a tad bit bad reaction directed to one party from her when opposition did their interpellation questions.. no questions answered, just a rant that ended like that. Later an excuse was demanded, and her answer was that she is Sorry for the way that this one party has choosen.. I smell bridges burning? so yea, propably helluva empowering for every woman out there, but propably not the best for our country.

      Mikko NurmesniemiMikko Nurmesniemi3 månader sedan
  • to say nothing about notthing isnt there obinion on anything be woman or man say something real

    Aku RokkaAku Rokka3 månader sedan
  • Cute.

    King BrilliantKing Brilliant3 månader sedan
    • booo

      Juha-Pekka ReijonenJuha-Pekka Reijonen3 månader sedan
  • Ajudeta hoor ümber nussimisele saata pagulaste juurde.

    Kaido PriisaluKaido Priisalu3 månader sedan
  • To all the insecure Fascists scared of a female this woman represents hope. Hope is power. Scum who put her down with their psychotic conspiracy wank have her warriors to contend with. Enjoy your place in the Fascists weaklings.

    buddhastaxi666buddhastaxi6663 månader sedan
  • Feels like another puppet in front of the "Real World" leaders in the Western World.

    Kurvis KukkunenKurvis Kukkunen3 månader sedan
  • A simple solution would be if everybody in Finland drank some kind of poison in a cup. If there are no more humans then there can be no more Climate Change. The "Kill All Humans" policy is tough to swallow, but is ultimately the only solution. Some of the strongest believers in Science will have to stay around longer to make sure everybody else in the world dies of course.

    MrApplewineMrApplewine3 månader sedan
  • Finlands in it's way to become the 2nd Nordic Caliphate after Sweden LETS GO!!

    AntoAnto3 månader sedan
    • Are you saying they are finished? That makes sense.

      What TheWhat The3 månader sedan
    • Mayocide finna be lit

      JeedJeed3 månader sedan
  • She was placed there by the controllers. Notice the UN logo? There is your hint.

    Cat On a mushroomCat On a mushroom3 månader sedan
    • Not surprised at all. She’s indirectly talking about the UN’s Agenda 21 platform. She’s in office now, and UN just made a statement that climate refugees can’t be turned away. They are gearing up to use climate change as a global power grab. Expect more migrants to Western countries. UN has already been spotted in Mexico helping migrants to move north.

      Vampire Space KatVampire Space Kat2 månader sedan
    • @Stanley Goddard trolling!

      Disappearing polabearsDisappearing polabears3 månader sedan
    • Russian troll

      Falco 448Falco 4483 månader sedan

      Stanley GoddardStanley Goddard3 månader sedan
  • UN PUPPET JUST LIKE THE NEW NZ PM. Speaks in approved phrases and terms, to describe the NWO ideals. "climate change" etc. blah blah blah. "Our children expect" always virtue signalling, social justice warriors! Robotic. Finland be afraid.

    Cat On a mushroomCat On a mushroom3 månader sedan
  • Manila, Philippines

    John Cedrick GabayeronJohn Cedrick Gabayeron3 månader sedan
  • Congratulations on becoming Prime Minister. You are certainly a talented person. Best wishes to you and the people of Finland from Islamabad.

    M BaberM Baber3 månader sedan
    • @Where am I? Shitsfucked She had been on a new job for a few weeks but what about all those years of successful work which brought her to the PM office. Wake up you Drunken Boy and stop being jealous of others.

      M BaberM Baber2 månader sedan
    • Shes talented? In what way? Shes been on the job for a few weeks. Lol wake up soy boy.

      Where am I? ShitsfuckedWhere am I? Shitsfucked2 månader sedan
    • @Redrexi The Capital City of Pakistan.

      M BaberM Baber3 månader sedan
    • Islamabad? I agree man.

      RedrexiRedrexi3 månader sedan
    • M Baber Our country is fucking screwed and this shit government is a complete joke, all the while this joke belongs to the radical yahuudi bankers that are trying to kill us.

      Gerbert D AurillacGerbert D Aurillac3 månader sedan
  • pity egypt if ayoung man or woman asked to enter election to be sheriff he would be accused of terrorism tortured and killed in prisons of the new pharoh sisi . lucky finland i wish best to fin

    sa 77sa 773 månader sedan
  • She talks about problems which do not exist for common people. Is Finland has no problemes but climate and geneder? Cant believe in it, so wirdo...

    Robson RobsonRobson Robson3 månader sedan
    • @QW3RTY greetings, nice facts....😆😆😆

      Artur MarkowskiArtur MarkowskiMånad sedan
    • Robson Robson she’s an idiot

      Törp MörpTörp Mörp3 månader sedan
    • @QW3RTY Thx very much for comment, it give me a lot of view on this subject. My country made a lot of proges last dekades, but all this lesbian, gender and so one thing is so much useless. Most my friend thing about geting money for their own flat. Gender subject whenever appear in media is only for making useless argue.

      Robson RobsonRobson Robson3 månader sedan
    • Russian troll

      Falco 448Falco 4483 månader sedan
    • It's a typical nordic thing I would say. You have less problems than in many other countries so you focus on things that are not problem. I live in Sweden and come from Former Yugoslavia. If you have work in Sweden which most do you don't really have many issues worth complaining about. I'm a foreigner and regarding many I should have it harder to get jobs etc, never felt it personally though. It's funny how much energy and money they put into gender studies here and still Sweden has not had a women as a prime minister. While in Serbia which is considered far less gender equal the prime minister is a women and an open lesbian and they have more politicians in higher positions that are women. Serbia spends 0 euros on Gender Equality studies. Right person at right place. Gender is not important.

      QW3RTYQW3RTY3 månader sedan
  • Looks like Elizabeth Holmes from Theranos

    World GuildWorld Guild3 månader sedan
    • I can see the resemblance, but I did see Sanna blink more than twice. That's good.

      BestLaidPlansBestLaidPlans3 månader sedan
  • Well, say goodbye to Finland...elected a naive socialist woman who will most likely open the borders wide up to the middle east just like Sweden has...all to pat herself on the back and show the world how "benevolent" she is and to spite the "right wing." Sad to see the mental slavery that has gripped much of western Europe.

    Charles CharlemagneCharles Charlemagne3 månader sedan
    • open borders :D yea sure, Finland has never opened borders, it was other EU countries who let the people in, and Finland had to deal with it too. Finland has border to Russia where refugees could try to enter EU, but Russians are doing good co-operation with Finnish border guards to stop those before they cross borders. Sure Finland hires highly educated specialist anytime no matter where they are from.

      Freezed EveFreezed Eve3 månader sedan
  • illegal immigrants next stop. Finland.

    TheAmoscokkieTheAmoscokkie3 månader sedan
    • @ScalpingYour TP oikeesti? Silläaikaa kun selvitätä tämän sotkun, jonka nimi on Suomi, Tuleppa käymään ja kertomaan kaikki meistä :D Toisaalta olis hyvä ensiapu "masuasukki" Olinko liian pahis :D?

      pahakasvi venuksestapahakasvi venuksesta2 månader sedan
    • @Carol * LMFAO now not wanting illegal immigrants in your homeland is "fascist", go cry me a river snowflake sheep

      AntoAnto3 månader sedan
    • Finland will see first hand the murders and rapes now.. maybe they can receive some of what malmo has been dealing with..

      ScalpingYour TPScalpingYour TP3 månader sedan
    • Tell Sweden about it.

      Disappearing polabearsDisappearing polabears3 månader sedan
    • @Carol * u illegai immigrant?

      TheAmoscokkieTheAmoscokkie3 månader sedan
  • Gender wage gap is not true

    Ižoralain 2Ižoralain 23 månader sedan
    • Carol * the ”gender wage gap” is caused by diffirend career choices women on average are on much safer and lower paying jobs because they choosed the job. Men on average work on jobs that are much more dangerius, require more work hours and ar ehigher paying. Atlmost 90% of workplace deaths are men so they deserve higher pay for the job. If a woman and men would work the same job with the exact same hours at the same rank the pay would be the same. Also men on average ask for promotions more cause testesterone.

      Ižoralain 2Ižoralain 23 månader sedan
    • u are mental

      Carol *Carol *3 månader sedan
    • It depends on country

      HirmuinenHirmuinen3 månader sedan
  • It states that the EU wants to make Europe climate neutral in 50 years,well according to the so called experts we only have less than 12 years left.these people need to get their global scam straight.

    Bo BkBo Bk3 månader sedan
    • Global Scam is right! The basic virtue signalling pretense is the problem! Wrong assumptions accepted as reality, the new world religion, to get everyone in line. They are bringing in new robotic leaders who are totally brainwashed, not just corrupt like the old guard.

      Cat On a mushroomCat On a mushroom3 månader sedan
    • hahahahaha

      LarkfeastLarkfeast3 månader sedan
    • You are mixing things up. There are two different goals. Reduce emission by 50% until 2030 (which you mean) and net neutrality until 2050. It's like a halfway goal and end goal. However, since climate change has continues faster than expected we actually need that 2030 goal to be achieved around 2028 now in order to satisfy the Paris climate agreement.

      LugmillordLugmillord3 månader sedan
  • She looks like me.

    Mika MorganMika Morgan3 månader sedan
    • You're hot

      Taran Amrit kaurTaran Amrit kaur3 månader sedan
  • If you really believe that garbage the only way to help the planet is to get rid of the people so why Don’t you have Finland all commit suicide think how much you could do for the planet if you would do thatBesides the planet it’s only gonna be here between 8 to 12 years just go ahead and do it now

    Mack AgertonMack Agerton3 månader sedan
    • Sweden too.. MASS suicide is needed in Sweden and Germany to preserve our future existence..

      ScalpingYour TPScalpingYour TP3 månader sedan
    • no need for suicide, number of people is already decreasing in Finland and many other countries as China. To make sure it is enough you have make sure that what people consumes does not produce waste / emission if it is possible to do same without those. So you do not need any radical changes if you just change your current living to bit less harmfull for planet and environment.

      Freezed EveFreezed Eve3 månader sedan
  • Congratulation . In egypt your same age men and women doctors and engineers are tortured and killed in sisi prison the dictator who is supported by EU

    k nk n3 månader sedan
  • I see she's struggling with speaking english... I wonder why she said at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="86">1:26</a> that it's good to have also younger leaders when she previously clearly stated to the press that it doesn't matter what her age is when decision-making.

    MacGamerBoyMacGamerBoy3 månader sedan
    • MacGamerBoy its bc shes dumb

      groyper jonesgroyper jones2 månader sedan
    • xd... Finnish is actually my first language @Lai Lai​

      MacGamerBoyMacGamerBoy3 månader sedan
    • Try to speak finnish. I wonder how much you would be struggling.

      Disappearing polabearsDisappearing polabears3 månader sedan
    • her point was that it is good to hear all people groups to make society better for all, if you just make one people group happy it will end badly after some time.

      Freezed EveFreezed Eve3 månader sedan
    • English is not her first language. How many languages do you speak? :)

      enceladusenceladus3 månader sedan
  • There is more hope in world because of people like her. if all countries leaders would be similar then we would survive and solve problems.

    Riffraff JanitaRiffraff Janita3 månader sedan
    • ​@Visa Toivonen to me you can eat even spruce there's plenty in Finland, also don't brag about not having children man you end up as a lonely, grumpy old man with no wife, no one to look after, no purpose, good luck but for the greater good, it's better you won't pass on your socialist virus.

      Pawel KosinskiPawel Kosinski3 månader sedan
    • @Joe Davola I'm a Finn too. I have neither a car nor children...nor am I likely to ever have either. I walk 45 minutes to work and another 45 minutes back five days a week. Or if the weather's truly terrible, I'll take a bus. I'm also a middle aged male and I very occasionally eat meat (because for some reason that seems to matter). And I think you're much more of a loon than 100 Riffraff Janitas put together. And even though I voted neither Marin nor her party, I hope she does well for our country. That's true patriotism for you, you miserable little whiner.

      Visa ToivonenVisa Toivonen3 månader sedan
    • I am Finnish too. Finland is being destroyed by liberal cockroaches. If they weren't hypocrites they would be talking about zero births. Not family leave.

      Joe DavolaJoe Davola3 månader sedan
    • Change very fast? How fast brightstar? Huh? How many parts per million of carbon increases the earth's temperature one degree? Huh? Yeah stumped you there economy hater.

      Joe DavolaJoe Davola3 månader sedan
    • You are a liberal nutcase...if you care about this planet you would give up your car outside and succumb to the elements

      Joe DavolaJoe Davola3 månader sedan
  • They believe they can stop hurricanes, volcanos, earthquakes on and on. These people are a special kind of stupid.

    ToBeOrNotToBeToBeOrNotToBe3 månader sedan
    • when did she say that?

      Carol *Carol *3 månader sedan
  • She's diffently a MILF..🦊

    DO OR DIE⚰DO OR DIE⚰3 månader sedan
  • Wow she’s beautiful.

    NickNick3 månader sedan
    • Hot but stupid

      KKona UkkoKKona UkkoMånad sedan

      Pawel KosinskiPawel Kosinski3 månader sedan
    • Go back to the porn channel!

      Cat On a mushroomCat On a mushroom3 månader sedan
    • lmao shes talking bout important issues but of course ppl only pay attention to her beauty

      Carol *Carol *3 månader sedan
  • If only people come face to face with the vicious wolf they protect. As they are being ripped apart they will understand why so many have been killed to extinction. You should be willing to stand next to what you stand up for.

    DrtyDanDrtyDan3 månader sedan
    • How many wolves have killed humans in the last 500 years versus how many humans have killed humans? I fear humans way more than wolves. How about you, oh great thinker?

      What Me WorryWhat Me Worry3 månader sedan
  • She's beautiful

    tvtime1tvtime13 månader sedan
    • @white riding hood I'm with you there, I don't want such a gorgeous european country polluted with multiculturalism

      AntoAnto2 månader sedan
    • @Anto Let us hope that doesn't happen .

      white riding hoodwhite riding hood3 månader sedan
    • @Disappearing polabearsI KNOW that Finland has taken far less migrants than Sweden thus far, what I'm saying refers as of now since she's Finland's PM and her policies are open borders, Finland will turn into a very unlikable place in a blink.

      AntoAnto3 månader sedan
    • @Anto omg! Sweden and Finland are different on this issue.Finland has taken far less immigrants than Sweden.

      Disappearing polabearsDisappearing polabears3 månader sedan
    • @Disappearing polabears right, because I need to personally know her to reckon her politics are disastrous.....Ever heard of Sweden mate? Keep on with that denial, open borders and neo-feminist policies just like her's have clearly done the trick for Swedishtan :DDDDD::::DDDD::D

      AntoAnto3 månader sedan
  • She talks a damn lot without actually saying anything. She's a politician.

    Lucky O'KnucklesLucky O'Knuckles3 månader sedan
    • Lucky O'Knuckles Well there you go. Tell me how you get along.

      Marc RussellMarc Russell2 månader sedan
    • @Barry Clarke hey Barry... Do me a favour... Summarise what she actually said.... Please...

      Lucky O'KnucklesLucky O'Knuckles3 månader sedan
    • You don't know what question was asked. Also she is speaking clear and fluent English. How is your Finnish?

      Barry ClarkeBarry Clarke3 månader sedan
    • Yeah cuz she's better at working and doesn't just blabber fake stuff.

      Ankita SahooAnkita Sahoo3 månader sedan
    • Maybe your knowledge lacks a bit about how democratic system works. Politicians should not be dictators, they have to make compromises. And your criticism is just ad hominem anyway.

      MegaManteroMegaMantero3 månader sedan
  • *The people have spoken. They want Brexit. How it's not happened yet tells us a lot about the powerful people involved.* 🤔🇬🇧🤔🇬🇧🤔🇬🇧🤔🇬🇧🤔🇬🇧🤔🇬🇧🤔🇬🇧

    † Ranger for Jesus †† Ranger for Jesus †3 månader sedan
    • @Anto ha you genuinly couldnt make this shit up

      joseph closejoseph close3 månader sedan
    • Theresa May was deliberately holding things up instead of negotiating what was expected. Managing the public until it was too obvious what she was doing.

      Cat On a mushroomCat On a mushroom3 månader sedan
    • @joseph close REEEEEE' REEEEEEE

      AntoAnto3 månader sedan
    • jean-claude schwartz Christianphobic racist piece of trash.

      ScalpingYour TPScalpingYour TP3 månader sedan
    • @† Ranger for Jesus † because theyre fucking stupid. quite simple really

      joseph closejoseph close3 månader sedan
  • whatever you won't do anything. who cares?

    Domepeace_ltd productionsDomepeace_ltd productions3 månader sedan
  • Go Brexit 😎💪

    Lei PLei P3 månader sedan