Dr. Anders Tegnell - Sweden’s Decision Not to Impose Quarantine | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Sweden state epidemiologist Dr. Anders Tegnell discusses his country’s decision not to impose quarantine in the face of coronavirus and its consequences. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #AndersTegnell
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  • False news, Sweden has the highest death rate in terms of population

    Abdullah AlshahraniAbdullah Alshahrani4 timmar sedan
  • Since every one seems to talk about Sweden as a socialist country, have in mind that Americans pay taxes as well, have to save money in case of emergency, pay for insurence, school and(food), high propert taxes etc in the way i see it, in general, the swedes are coming out of this conversation as a winner as this starts to sound like a competition... Just saying. I have been alot in both countries and I will stand by a real United country > Go Sweden Go!

    Rob MaliRob Mali5 timmar sedan
  • Vi dont have dr dat all IF we be sik wi have stay hom and dai

    N NN N7 timmar sedan
  • As a swede this was very interesting to watch

    tova xtova x8 timmar sedan
  • What people don’t seem to get is that you WANT a spread. A slow one. If everyone is home its gonna explode once everyone gets out and then you have not accomplished anything but economic havoc.

    Fredrik JohanssonFredrik Johansson13 timmar sedan
    • "a slow one" - well if we all did take your approach the Scandinavian countries would all be in a far worse situation and your are well for the help you have gotten from Norway and denmark cos people are dying as flies in Sweden

      christoffer pedersenchristoffer pedersen48 minuter sedan
  • Swedish Government is the most disgusting government ever on this planet! Full of lies, hypocrisies, and discrimination!

    David KingDavid King15 timmar sedan
  • Lol he's a dumbass

    Banter ClausBanter Claus15 timmar sedan
  • Yes, we have more deaths in Sweden. But also, we're closer than any other country to achieve herd immunity! Which means, when other countries start opening up after lockdown they will catch up to our death rate while we hopefully won't have that second wave of deaths.

    Stina1234Stina123417 timmar sedan
    • at the expense of the sick and elderly - and we know nothing about the immunity for this virus

      christoffer pedersenchristoffer pedersen46 minuter sedan
  • Woohoo Anders! 🙌❤️ Here in Sweden people are wearing t-shirts with his picture lmao. Calling him "landsfadern" (father of the country) and making tegnell-memes. In Anders Tegnell we trust!

    Stina1234Stina123417 timmar sedan
  • There's not only Sweden that didn't lock down and succeeded. Why don't you interview Taiwan or Japan where there is the highest proportion of elderlies there!

    emilie maggioemilie maggio22 timmar sedan
    • they did lock down - actually Taiwan closed its borders at 1 infected - Japan closed down - and everyone - EVERYONE wears masks !!! Sweden has failed and continues to fail .... hope we never open our borders to your shitty IKEA country

      christoffer pedersenchristoffer pedersen42 minuter sedan
  • Every time someone says "A country like America", such as Noah said here, he/she is making a MISTAKE. "America" is the name of a CONTINENT, and USA is only ONE of the MANY countries in America.

    jorge claveriejorge claverieDag sedan
  • Sweden is an idiot. They still did nothing to the Swedish citizens while its going crazy out there. While every country has shut down Sweden is one of those that’s has not and still go out as it’s normal. Reason why their cases over there are pretty damn high.

    Nuggetz NuggetNuggetz NuggetDag sedan
  • Interesting. African American homosexual interviewing Doctor Mengele. We living in truly dystopian times.

    Leon DegrelleLeon DegrelleDag sedan
  • Sweden best in new liberalism, the market is regulating it self..

    Michael NelinMichael NelinDag sedan
    • spoken like a true Neo Nazi - and im sure you mean new National Socialism - get regulated those old and sick people they are just a burden for you system

      christoffer pedersenchristoffer pedersen38 minuter sedan
  • Bull shit i am from sweden the dont pay u nothing when u are sick. only the big company get pay from the sweden govrement so the rich get richer so he is laying 🤬🤬😠

    MR H2GMR H2GDag sedan
  • The 691 dislikes is from trumpsters and swedishdemocrates aka "svärjevänner". Great interview btw.I trust in our governmentand we are very lucky that Socialdemocarets are the governing party today. I work at the arbetslöshetskassan which is the employment fund and the experince during the right ruling party for the unmployeds was terrible. Socialdemocrates changed the law the time of few weeks so the employment fund was more available during this time so people got acces to income. The sad thing is that when this shit is over, people will forgett and go back to complain about the government again without knowing how much they have done behind the sheets.

    pardesisivakasipardesisivakasiDag sedan
  • Mr. Trevor Noah Please watch the Truth. Please look at the extreme details.. This Is Earth Shattering www.bitchute.com/video/7tBpLFnO11xx/

    jjjjDag sedan
  • PLandemic Lockstep Rockfeller 2010 London Olympics opening ceremony Event 201 Gates connection to Rockefeller Killing the planet-How a financial Cartel doomed mankind by Dr Rodney Howard Browne New World Order One World Government Control and rule the peasants Outofshadows documentary PLandemic documentary Dr Rashid Buttar Whistleblower Dr Judy Mikovits

    Christoffer AnderssonChristoffer AnderssonDag sedan
  • The worst is yet to come for Sweden. As for the US, its meaningless to count the numbers, they will have a million+ deaths from the virus.

    Leon DegrelleLeon DegrelleDag sedan
  • We sacrifice our old. They are dying in thousands and don't even get proper medical care. Morphine instead of oxygen etc. We now have the highest death rate per capita in the world since two weeks. So no, do not believe this murderer. The hospital beds are empty because they don't even let the oldest come to the hospital.

    Peter FoxPeter FoxDag sedan
  • He should go to jail along with the PM of Sweden and the rest of the government. As for the Northern Europeans, they are loonies and the rest of Europe should never take them seriously again.

    Leon DegrelleLeon DegrelleDag sedan
    • just talk about Sweden to drag the rest of us down with you .... Sweden is just a shitty country with an arrogant approach to this pandemic and so hubris they dont want to admit the failure

      christoffer pedersenchristoffer pedersen35 minuter sedan
    • Yes there's many more countries than Sweden in Scandinavia, but when that thing started everyone was OK with the Swedish model, they flipped flopped at the very last moment when UK was already in trouble.

      Leon DegrelleLeon DegrelleDag sedan
    • Leon Degrelle Eh, excuse me? Northern Europeans? There are more countries in Northern Europe than Sweden. Being condesending much? What has coutnries like Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Finland, Faraoe Islands etc to do with this? Sweden have twice as many inhabitants as Norway fex (10 mill vs 5 mill) and in Norway 235 people have died of Covid-19 in Sweden its 20 times more deaths almost 4500). We are not loonies in The north just because some guy in Sweden decided a different approach than the rest. So patronizing. We co-operate great with other countries. We in the north, give most to people in need, poor countries etc. Wonder what country you are from (seems jealous for some reason)....and please explain your judgemental comment towards us in the north?

      Cala_758sssCala_758sssDag sedan
  • Well, it’s all gone sideways now in Sweden I’m afraid.

    Gustav SkansGustav Skans2 dagar sedan
    • sideways ... nahhhhh, its going straight down the drain

      christoffer pedersenchristoffer pedersen34 minuter sedan
  • Interesting interview,.. I know some are unhappy with the measures Sweden have been doing and some are trusting the health agency advices. I’m not sure myself .. I really haven’t really noticed a huge difference myself. As the sun and warm weather now have arrived here in Sweden, I think some people are starting to forget to keep distance.. but this strategy it better for the mental health.. I think and it’s good that people can keep working. I’m glad I’m not working in an industry that is affected that much by these constraints.. like the tourist and travel industry.

    DayDreamerDayDreamer2 dagar sedan
  • The trams and buses are packed so social distancing does not work with stubborn people who think they can't get sick. The city of Gothenburg is thinking about how to save money and yet keep open every facility they have and keep telling the employees to keep social distancing but working with stubborn people it's very hard when the city is open. Sweden is taking a chance that the people will listen.

    Eduardo PezziniEduardo Pezzini2 dagar sedan
  • what about multidrug-resistant bacteria and covid-19? Isn't that a deadly combo?

    VoldenjuniorVoldenjunior2 dagar sedan
  • #lockhimup

    Magnus TaylorMagnus Taylor2 dagar sedan
  • Sweden's case fatality rate for COVID-19 is high, almost 12% according to published data.

    Robin WeltyRobin Welty2 dagar sedan
    • @Auux source?

      Robin WeltyRobin WeltyDag sedan
    • Sweden failed its elderly, because 90% of the deaths are elderly people.

      AuuxAuuxDag sedan
  • Sweden basically said, "We have space in the hospitals to take care of everyone that gets infected, so we might as well let them. Oh no, old people are dying?!"

    McMatthew99McMatthew992 dagar sedan
  • Some info. It's a big difference in the capital and in the southeast of Sweden. Total number of cases found in Skåne: 1,659 (in Stockholm it's a little over 12000) Total samples taken in Skåne: 15,952 Number of covid19 patients being treated in hospitals in Skåne today: 84, of which in intensive care 19 Total covid19 positives that have died: 180. In my town there was 1 confirmed case some month ago. So we haven't got it here yet.

    XxSTARxXXxSTARxX2 dagar sedan
  • Hello Sverige, Lyssna på Tegnell

    BonbonBonbon2 dagar sedan
  • This is how you smell your own farts..were talking about 20 times the death rates now compared to other nordic countries. its like listening to a lunatic that has a answer to all his lies or incompetence ! ( and its not how we do statistics , its the narrative sweden is trying to portray is fake news.. Norway has tested more people than Sweden , even if Sweden has twice the population, and most countries count Corona deaths in "homes" ) Sweden who are you at this point , what are you hiding?

    zotezote2 dagar sedan
  • What the fuck i’m Swedish I havent seen This til now

    Laventiy BeriaLaventiy Beria2 dagar sedan
    • you have probably been to the hospital 🤣😂🤣😂

      christoffer pedersenchristoffer pedersen32 minuter sedan
  • As a swede im sorry to say we failed. We were wrong, and a lot of elder people have died because of wrong decisions. It's a shame really how we treating older people in Sweden.

    Conny NorbergConny Norberg2 dagar sedan
    • you are right about failing the elderly, since they stand for 90% of the deaths, however, Sweden has not failed, other countries put a lockdown for a couple of weeks then going to back to basically no restrictions, infections will start again... In Sweden we keep doing our thing, people will get sick, but the healthcare will sustain the patients faaar better than say the us.

      AuuxAuuxDag sedan
  • Bullshit! Stockholm is NOT the half of the Swedish public - and NO there are stress on the health care and hospital beds are full, and for a long time ago, before COV19 . If you from the USA and one to learn how to deal with the pandemic, look at country’s like Germany, Norway, Finland, Denmark. Best regards from Malmö / Sweden

    Michael JönssonMichael Jönsson2 dagar sedan
  • "No great discovery was ever made without a bold guess." -Sir Isaac Newton-

    puuntuuppaajapuuntuuppaaja2 dagar sedan
    • you are cleaning up your population - getting rid of those old and sick people that are just a burden to society great job Sweden - nice social experiment, Josef Mengele would have been proud of you “The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.”

      christoffer pedersenchristoffer pedersen25 minuter sedan
  • Born a crime was inspirational, this push for fear is a sad thing I am sorry that you have been bought out.

    Matt MurphyMatt Murphy3 dagar sedan
  • All makt åt Tegnell, vår befriare.

    Hearth StoneHearth Stone3 dagar sedan
    • Wow a respectable and thorough interview about Swedens policies! This is the first time ive seen a major news outlet NOT shit all over Sweden and this guy. Good job Mr No

      ceerw butyceerw buty2 dagar sedan
  • I am swedish and not proud of This decision sweden has made. Not Everyone is taking personal responsibility. They should had shut down the country like the world Did But insted They Worry about the economic

    Buxom123Buxom1233 dagar sedan
    • Hello Sverige lyssna på Tegnell. Han är stabil, rak och rationell.

      ceerw butyceerw buty2 dagar sedan
  • Best interview ever! Only good question that people thinking about them self ! Hope it al goes well for all countries!

    Fredrik BFredrik B3 dagar sedan
  • "Norway and Denmark drop mutual border controls - but exclude Sweden Scandinavian neighbour barred for now because of higher coronavirus death toll The Danish prime minister, Mette Frederiksen, told a news conference in Copenhagen on Friday that restrictions on Norwegian nationals entering the country, as well as on citizens of Iceland and Germany, would be lifted from 15 June. “Denmark and Sweden have a close relationship and that will continue in the future,” Frederiksen said. There was “a strong desire to find a solution with our neighbour, Sweden”, she added, but Denmark and Sweden “are in different places when it comes to the coronavirus, and this affects what we can decide on the border”. www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/29/norway-and-denmark-drop-mutual-border-controls-but-exclude-sweden-coronavirus

    Chris MurrayChris Murray3 dagar sedan
    • @Anakin Skywalker haha 🤣 just stay in Sweden we are more than happy to be Swedish free 😂🤣

      christoffer pedersenchristoffer pedersen22 minuter sedan
    • PS People DO NOT "need" to become infected. That's just more unwarranted, unscientific, minority speculation from Tegnell and the herd immunity crowd.

      Chris MurrayChris MurrayDag sedan
    • @Anakin Skywalker No, that's simply not true. Lots of others countries also count covid-19 deaths outside of hospitals*. Tegnell and Giesecke have been using this angle to "explain" the very high death toll in Sweden relative to its neighbours. It's a red herring. Norway, for example, has 60% of its deaths in care homes. But because they locked down early and hard, they kept the overall numbers way down compared to Sweden, both in hospitals, care homes, and the wider community. The Swedish numbers are not "quite low", Thousands of unnecessary deaths is not "quite low". Even Tegnell does not argue this. He said weeks ago that the then Swedish total of 3,000 deaths was a "horrifyingly large number". The Swedish total is now almost 4,400. * ltccovid.org/2020/04/12/mortality-associated-with-covid-19-outbreaks-in-care-homes-early-international-evidence/

      Chris MurrayChris MurrayDag sedan
    • Sweden also count covid-19 deaths outside of hospitals. Sweden is the only country in the world that does this. So overall the numbers are quite low. And considering people NEED to be affected by Covid-19 at some point, there strategy send to be working.

      Anakin SkywalkerAnakin SkywalkerDag sedan
  • Well, America, if you would have voted Bernie Sanders maybe you would have had a glimpse of our welfare system..

    soiung toiuesoiung toiue3 dagar sedan
  • "The death toll in Sweden is catastrophically high..........Sweden has a development that can only be compared to the US. Other countries with high death rates are starting to get a curve that slopes downhill. This is as a result of the strict anti-infection measures implemented in almost all countries. Sweden, on the other hand, has a curve that has flattened out, but remains at a high level day after day.our situation from a global perspective must be considered disastrous. If the Public Health Authority does not address this fact, it is high time that the decision-makers in our country, government and parliament do so." Björn Olsen , Professor of Infectious Diseases, Uppsala University Bo Lundbäck , Senior Professor of Clinical Epidemiology of Lung Diseases, University of Gothenburg Fredrik Elgh , Professor of Virology, Umeå University Anders Vahlne , Professor Emeritus of Clinical Virology, Karolinska Institutet Lena Einhorn , co. in virology Marcus Carlsson , associate professor of mathematics, Lund University

    Chris MurrayChris Murray3 dagar sedan
    • @Anakin Skywalker See my other reply to you "No, that's simply not true. Lots of others countries also count covid-19 deaths outside of hospitals" etc. Also, lockdown is not a magic cure, meant to last forever. It's meant to buy time when other methods of control have failed. Germany (and presumably the other Nordics, and any other country with half-competent leaders) should now be well positioned to withstand any subsequent waves without lockdown. www.dw.com/en/coronavirus-germany-can-avoid-second-wave/a-53621681 Lastly, in most countries which heeded in time what was happening in Italy and took the virus seriously and took early, decisive action, there are currently rapid falls in cases and deaths, enabling those countries to reopen cautiously. with plans in place for any resurgence in the disease. In countries where ignorant, windbag, posturing, macho fools were in charge, the numbers are either still going up (Brazil) or are declining agonisingly slowly after relatively huge death tolls (the UK and US). Sweden seems to be in the latter camp ie new cases are NOT dropping much. And that would seem to be the policy.

      Chris MurrayChris MurrayDag sedan
    • Sweden also count covid-19 deaths outside of hospitals. Sweden is the only country in the world that does this. So overall the numbers are quite low. And considering people NEED to be affected by Covid-19 at some point, there strategy send to be working. When most countries open up again, there deaths will sky ticket, whilst Swedenborg numbers keep dropping.

      Anakin SkywalkerAnakin SkywalkerDag sedan
    • Source for above www.aftonbladet.se/debatt/a/WbVnJL/dodstalen-i-sverige-ar-katastrofalt-hoga

      Chris MurrayChris Murray3 dagar sedan
  • Awesome interview Trevor!

    Niklas GustafssonNiklas Gustafsson3 dagar sedan
    • @soiung toiue Did you hear the earth is flat?

      Niklas GustafssonNiklas Gustafsson3 dagar sedan
    • This is all bullshit you stupid fucks. this guy hasn't got a fucking clue

      soiung toiuesoiung toiue3 dagar sedan
  • great job Sweden - todays numbers are 36.476 cases and 4350 death sure you have chosen the right response im happy to hear that denmark didnt open its borders to Sweden but will open up to Iceland - Norway and Germany

    christoffer pedersenchristoffer pedersen3 dagar sedan
    • @Auux just stay in Sweden please - denmark use its freedom to protest against police brutality - Sweden just use if for drinking and have a good time - but please just stay in Sweden we keep our borders shut to your shity death infected country - and drunk swedes too, so something positive have come out of the Covid19 situation 😂🤣

      christoffer pedersenchristoffer pedersen16 timmar sedan
    • Denmark had over a 1000 people out protesting in Copenhagen today... Sweden keeps up the regulations to keep control of the spread, Denmark went out from lockdown to infect everyone like crazy again.

      AuuxAuuxDag sedan
  • I think by the date of this interview, Tegnell should have known that the number of infected was only 7.3%, not anywhere the 25% expected. This is disappointing, as, had their strategy been effective, it might have provided a model, to deal with the almost inevitable 'second wave'. Their deaths per million is the highest in Europe. I'm also concerned that the level of responsibility shown by the community minded Swedes would not be replicated in other countries. I'm wondering how this experiment is being factored into the various conspiracy theories doing the rounds. Oh! Hang on... how's about the fact that Saab and other Swedish car makers are largely Chinese owned, um and something about 5G penetration (and I mean PENETRATION!) and the cold, umm, Northern Lights. Hang on, I got it, Trump has been taken over by the Chinese, the perfect Trojan horse, who intends to use 5G to 'bring the light' (mind controlling nanobots, more like.) into the body, using 5G optic fibres. Not that the virus, which was engineered in the USA and taken to China and released by accident deliberately, even exists. FFS Sheeple, catch up. Know why the SpaceX launch 'failed',? Because Trump was there and they couldn't fool him with their pretend launch into fake space.

    Michael jamesMichael james3 dagar sedan
  • Sweden's "strategy" (or rather lack of any real strategy) has proven to be catastrophic. Anders Tegnell is a slightly autistic madman stuck with old ideas and he's responsible for thousands of deaths that could have been avoided if someone else was in charge.

    Patrik XPatrik X3 dagar sedan
    • Actually no if you look at the Numbers, most of the deaths comes from earlier ppl home. And that isn’t his fault it’s because we where badly prepared with PPT and that comes from that Sweden haven’t been in war since like 1814 witch is like 206 years ago. So we’ve never needed to stockpile protection and stuff like that like the Norwegians and the Danish and especially the Finnish ppl. That’s a major factor to why our death toll is so high.

      arvidzon 39arvidzon 393 dagar sedan
  • A few weeks ago Sweden asked for respiratory machines from Denmark and its neighbours. The only reason that these countries were able to help is because they had closed down and didn’t use all of them because of that. Swedens situation could have been compared to Spain and Italy were doctors had to make decisions on who lived and who died. It is the fact that they easily could get more machines that really saved them from that situation.... it’s important to keep in mind.

    Caoimhe WillemoësCaoimhe Willemoës3 dagar sedan
    • @Thor Sørensen Trollololol

      Guildford SuxsGuildford Suxs2 dagar sedan
    • In fact Sweden have no medical personnel to man additional respirators. Instead of treatment with additional oxygen, the health care system in Sweden uses morphine on covid patients above 70years old, this keeps them of the hospitals as they dies very fast.

      Thor SørensenThor Sørensen3 dagar sedan
  • Do keep in mind that Sweden has the highest death toll among the Nordic countries per 100k people. This guy single handedly decided to wager his countrymen's lives on a rumor that herd immunity would spread throughout the people and prevent future infections. Except research has found no correlation in herd immunity having an effect on future infections, as some people who have had Corona have gotten sick from it again. Now what is commendable is the effort some people put into keeping social distance and how Sweden's economy is doing better than others. Sweden's approach is still ethically questionable, and anyone would be right to ask what a human life is truly worth in Sweden. Time will of course eventually tell which approach is best, and Sweden may very well come out on top here. The rest of the Nordic countries are highly critical of Sweden's approach, but in all honesty, the only answer anyone is going to get will be through hindsight. EDIT FOR FACT CHECKING: I stated that there have been cases of reinfection, but those were apparently false positives according to the WHO on May 7th. It's still too early to tell if reinfections will happen. My apologies for having dated information.

    MakkushimuMakkushimu3 dagar sedan
  • Why are peopel so obessed with Sweden? We are 10 million people, very very much in common with our Nordic neighbours/clostest friends.

    Peter MagroPeter Magro3 dagar sedan
    • @Guildford Suxs so Denmark, Norway, germany ect....we dont live in democracy ?? we are not just stupid fucks ... you and your family can have fun in until you get blue and yellow in the face .... "Mandatory vaccine" what are you talking about ?

      christoffer pedersenchristoffer pedersen55 minuter sedan
    • @Thor Sørensen Its cause we live in democracy. Danish can have fun with their mandatory vaccine :O)

      Guildford SuxsGuildford Suxs2 dagar sedan
    • The swedish newspapers are more focused on Zlatans new car and TV dance programs than some proper investigation of the reason for this complete failure of the Corona strategi. Maybe Sweden should lock down to get this situation under control.

      Thor SørensenThor Sørensen3 dagar sedan
    • what ??? fuck off ... im danish I dont want to have anything to do with you or your infected country

      christoffer pedersenchristoffer pedersen3 dagar sedan
  • Sweden has failed miserably combating covid. Nothing to take example from, rather learn from their mistakes. Sweden is about "if we don't give any attention, talk about, do anything about a problem, the problem goes away"

    AkuraIchibanAkuraIchiban4 dagar sedan
  • Great Job Sweden

    John HolguinJohn Holguin4 dagar sedan
    • I hope thats meant ironical 🤣😂🤣😂

      christoffer pedersenchristoffer pedersen21 minut sedan
  • En español porfa.

    ma valucama valuca4 dagar sedan
  • Hello Sverige lyssna på Tegnell. Han är stabil, rak och rationell.

    aaron hilleraaron hiller4 dagar sedan
  • Wow a respectable and thorough interview about Swedens policies! This is the first time ive seen a major news outlet NOT shit all over Sweden and this guy. Good job Mr Noah.

    AngelofDethMetalAngelofDethMetal4 dagar sedan
  • Trevor Noah such nice guy and polite

    TheguywithyellowcapTheguywithyellowcap4 dagar sedan
  • Imagine how many elderly we could save here in Sweden if they actually got oxygen treatment, dig deeper.

    Andy DunnAndy Dunn4 dagar sedan
    • Does oxygen cure Covid-19?

      Guildford SuxsGuildford Suxs2 dagar sedan
  • Trevor is one of the guiness galaxy record holders of uncovering BS! He should be feeling like sh*t to be bullsh*tted in such an obvious way.

    Brad ShymonBrad Shymon4 dagar sedan
  • As a Swedish citizen I can say that people do not stay away from each other. The other day I saw people partying at a bar. The stores are encouraging people to keep a distance as well and it's even written on the floor but people are still very close to each other! I had this lady bump into me because she couldn't wait a few seconds and her kids were coughing and sneezing without covering their mouth. So yes, an early quaratine would've been better to avoid this issue . Instead of encouraging people to stay at home it should have been more of an order for just a period of time.

    Sofia RSofia R4 dagar sedan
    • Guildford Suxs Look at the difference between Norway and Sweden fex. 235 dead in Norway with Covid-19 while in Sweden the number is 20 times higher, and you have 10 mill inh, Norway has 5 mill. We had a strict approach early, they even changed some laws temporarily (so its possible). People respected what the authoroties asked of is people and almost everyone did their part.. I have been home more or less for almost 3 months, working from home, only out with the dog and to shop food. They even changed the law temporarily to make it a criminal act to visit your own cabin (if it was in another city/area than where you lived...to stop people from spreading the virus to small mountain villages where they had limited health care resources. Most people respected that and didnt go to the mountains partying in easter fex. They stayed home. Most Norwegians respected what was asked of us to stop the virus and help the elderly and the ones at risk from being sick. You see the difference between Norway and Sweden, right? If your leaders had done the same, maybe you could have saved almost 4000 people.

      Cala_758sssCala_758sssDag sedan
    • Om du nu är svensk så borde du vet att i Sverige behöver man lag för att ta beslut. Man kan inte hitta på att folk ska vara hemma. Att korkade danskar och annat pack inte förstår det är en annan sak.

      Guildford SuxsGuildford Suxs2 dagar sedan
  • This is all bullshit you stupid fucks. this guy hasn't got a fucking clue

    UrsprungsboUrsprungsbo4 dagar sedan
  • I love this interview so much

    karoscgotkaroscgot4 dagar sedan
  • They have sacrificed the old for the young. Heartless some might say.

    la vern scottla vern scott4 dagar sedan
  • Over 4000 deaths in population of 10 million is alot. That works out to more than 130,000 deaths in a population the size of the US. I am not sure that Sweden has anything to teach us.

    la vern scottla vern scott4 dagar sedan
    • I can find look up a link if you are actually interested, they investigated 6 states where pneumonia cases has doubled since febuary, adding up to 10k additional deaths compared to previous averages. If you count these deaths as covid-19 deaths (which they are) the US has well over 200k deaths from corona.

      AuuxAuuxDag sedan
  • the pandemic.

    dcoog anmldcoog anml4 dagar sedan
  • I am from Sweden and our death rate per capita has been the highest in the world for the last two days and the highest in the world seven out of the last fourteen days. My mother is a nurse at an old peoples home and they can't get ahold of protective gear, masks, suits, etc. Because Dr. Anders Tegnell the state epidemiologist has drawn the conclusion that healthcare staff at old peoples homes are not educated enough to be able to use protective gear. He publicly announced this on the news. Which is absolutely not the case! But it has lead to whole old people homes including the medical staff being infected, and allot of them have died. The health care staff is forced to work under these conditions or else they will be fired. Swedens approach to covid-19 is not based on science or common sense, it is based on cost. Money is a resource Sweden don't have right now and the Swedish approach is a reflection of that. They don't force people to go to work and schools because it is "good" for their mental health but because we don't have the recourses to impose a quarantine. They don't refuse medical staff protective gear because they cant use it but because we don't have the recourses. They don't turn to heard immunity because it's the best thing for the citizens but because they don't have the resources for any other approach. A very big chunk of the Swedish population don't trust the government, and a far larger number don't trust Tegnell. He is quite often on tv talking absolute blast which anyone fairly educated on the subject can understand. It is hard to believe because Sweden is a western first world country but there is a lot of lies, propaganda and coverups coming from the Swedish government.

    Liva viitanenLiva viitanen4 dagar sedan
    • arab world and africa

      dcoog anmldcoog anml4 dagar sedan
  • You need to understand Demographics and Psychographics of Sweden and America To Understand Why? Being American I can tell you we have very different behavior of our people in our populated areas. Not like Sweden. Understand the difference in Culture.

    jjjj4 dagar sedan
    • @Leon Degrelleyour comment has some merit. This is a very complex problem. In my opinion, this country has a broken health care system because it has allocated many millions of dollars to take care of people that are not even a legal citizen. Non citizens that are poor which meets our countries definition of poor get free healthcare. We are the only country in the world providing free healthcare to non US citizens. #2) Medicaid has a huge amount of poor people in our country that are able to work which are trapped in a system of welfare that goes from generation to generation ( up to three generations today) that have not worked a day in their life. These people are stuck in a system that has zero incentive to leave when everything is FREE paid for by the working class American. If they go to work they lose their freebies. These are huge dollars waisted ( billions) every year which equate to hundreds of billions that are a huge liability to the system you would like to see for our country. Please understand this needs to be financially cleaned up where these families have a incentive to get off these programs and pay their fair share whatever that may be. I am only talking about the healthcare portion not the other programs that have same issue which include free rent to live, free electric, free water, free gas, free electric, free day care vouchers, free phones, free food, free private school vouchers, college education vouchers and many more that would take to long to list that all add up to about $55,000 to $75,000 per household in Freebies. Until this is fixed and we see incentive for many of the families to get up in the morning and try to get out of this trapped free program, then you are correct medicare and the overall healthcare system shall remain broken. Do you see my friend, this all inter- connects because there is only so many American Taxpayers. We need to fix this broken system. President Trump whether you hate or like him is fixing these complex issues. Please note: 1)a border wall stops illegalls coming in and getting freebies saving many millions of dollars ( not to mention he is eliminating child trafficing, and billions of dollars of drugs coming into our neighborhoods killing many). 2) returning these illegal aliens home opens up new jobs for many poor as described and cleans up are crime index. They now can get out of a broken welfare system where they have no incentive to givenup their freebies. This will save now manybillions of dollars. 3)If you have not noticed unemployment rates were all absorbed by having the lowest unemployment rates (pre covid 19) among all races and genders. Do you see this man is transactional on his approach to making decisions? he is cleaning up the huge mess of fifty years relieving this tax liability on the backs of all working americans. Healthcare will work. He will get it working. Understand this man and pray for this man because he is highly gifted in shifting wealth back to american working Patriots. Healthcare will be what you want it to be in time but all this needs to be fixed because there is only one bag of money ( few trillion dollars) he works with. Watch what he did on global tarriffs. Most americans do not know what a tarrif is. He has made world record on many trillions of dollars being redirected back into our american society. Keep in mind and study the facts who created all these freebie programs that spun out of control? Who and what party is continuing the entrapment of the poor in every major urban city in our country? You be the judge after taking your time researching the facts. God bless this President that took a step back in his own career to fix our country for No pay and all he gets is ridicule by the parties that are entrapping and enslaving good americans for generations. Please study study study! the facts before making a decision. The Fixing of our healthcare is very complex task because of all these taks are interlated issues and there is only one American budget to fix all this. This man is the first business man as commander and chief and he educated by one of the finest schools of economics and finance in the world University of Pennsylvania. Wharton! Understand his Mind. He is Genius! He Is The Only President in my Life that keeps his promises and has Proven to make America First on Every Decision He makes. God Bless.

      jjjjDag sedan
    • USA is a lost cause. They don't even have public healthcare to save the sickly young and middle aged people.

      Leon DegrelleLeon DegrelleDag sedan
  • Hero for science and the free world! 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪 Fine interview actually, I saw him being interviewed on BBC which was a disgrace.

    Georgi GeorgievGeorgi Georgiev4 dagar sedan
    • @Georgi Georgiev im trying to imagine your IQ number and it seems like its close to that zero you mention 🤣😂🤣😂

      christoffer pedersenchristoffer pedersen3 dagar sedan
    • @Georgi Georgiev fine look them up and you might be surprised the numbers for covid19 is worse than any other seasonal flu ...

      christoffer pedersenchristoffer pedersen3 dagar sedan
    • @christoffer pedersen thousands of ppl die of virus every year but we only deliberately destroy livelihoods only in 2020.

      Georgi GeorgievGeorgi Georgiev3 dagar sedan
    • @christoffer pedersen you like numbers? How do these numbers look next to infectious (virus) disease deaths in Sweden for the past years? You need to see the numbers in perspective. Can't compare them to 0.

      Georgi GeorgievGeorgi Georgiev3 dagar sedan
    • yes the science says : 36.476 cases and 4350 death - great job im just grateful we didnt open our borders to your country

      christoffer pedersenchristoffer pedersen3 dagar sedan
  • People in Sweden hates that idiot.

    Peter ErikssonPeter Eriksson4 dagar sedan
    • Nop. 71% likes him.

      Guildford SuxsGuildford Suxs2 dagar sedan
  • Really enjoy your usual comedy but you should really do more serious interviews! Really well done!

    kallsbokallsbo4 dagar sedan
  • Ok. A month have now passed. You still think its going well? :) Most deaths in the world the two latest weeks and soon only spain italy and uk is worse. And for what? The economy? Think again

    Danny ZyzzDanny Zyzz5 dagar sedan
  • Unlike Governor Cuomo in New York and governor Whitmer in Michigan who both forced nursing homes to take in covid patients. And a large number of deaths were in nursing homes.

    D. E.D. E.5 dagar sedan
  • Anders is a Satanist and a traitor to the Swedish people!!!

    TheyCallMe DougTheyCallMe Doug5 dagar sedan
  • What a great and informing interview! I did not expect that from a US talk show. I live in Denmark (12 miles from Sweden) and certainly follow the Doctor's perspective. Denmark followed the 'lock down' route, and it has worked very well so far, but there are few, if none, critics of the Swedish approach here - Denmark could have easily tried it that way. But the situation is still evolving, and will do for some months or years. Love Denmark, but I also respect Swedish academia and democracy - but as far as using this approach in the US? Not sure, it is very context dependent.

    GordonjSmith1GordonjSmith15 dagar sedan
  • "Triple the deaths of Denmark and Norway..." Sweden has almost FOUR times as many deaths due to Covid-19 as Denmark, Norway and Finland COMBINED!

    tjotjo5 dagar sedan
    • @tjo and dont forget - the testing we have tested far more than Sweden too meaning we would have caught more cases too

      christoffer pedersenchristoffer pedersen3 dagar sedan
    • @aaron hiller mhmm it is ... 36.476 cases and 4350 death 👍🏻 haha😂 im sure we are feeling just fine here in denmark 🌸

      christoffer pedersenchristoffer pedersen3 dagar sedan
    • @tjo U talk like corona is over tomorrow or next week. Like @gurkthebrutal said, there will be a second wave. Comeback to this comment in May 2021 and tell me the death numbers.

      aaron hilleraaron hiller3 dagar sedan
    • @GurktheBrutal preach

      aaron hilleraaron hiller3 dagar sedan
    • They are bigger than Sweden combined

      Patrik XPatrik X3 dagar sedan
  • Sweden could have prevented the corona virus completely but this moron here said it wasn't going to spread outside of China. Sweden has not been a good example on how to handle the virus. This guy was wrong about so many things. Don't believe all these lies. Don't give our government more of an ego boost

    LuddentLuddent5 dagar sedan
  • This is what an interview should be, not like the BBC one. Thumbs up for you brother. I hope the rest of the world would come to their senses and follow Sweden's approach to the pandemic.

    Acoustic SamuraiAcoustic Samurai5 dagar sedan
    • He’s an amazing interviewer! Always professional with good questions. Love watching his show here in Sweden :)

      myran78myran783 dagar sedan
  • Will Swedish people consider this a success or will families who lost their loved ones sue their government representatives with manslaughter? When there are 3000 plus people dead, using the word as "success" by this doctor sounds so inhuman or heartless. It could have been three weeks of a maximum lockdown or about three months of semi-lockdown. Sweden will not spread the virus when other countries would have limited the spread. Pretty lame decision to not have a lockdown, in my opinion as in the second wave, Swedes will be responsible for the next outbreak.

    Viswanath UralaViswanath Urala5 dagar sedan
  • Trevor, thank you for this interview. Very interesting. Sweden has national healthcare and their government is supplementing pay if someone needs to stay home to feeling ill. I'm sure they have their freeloaders but the few does not concern the government when it comes to the safety of the many. USA culture and politics is so behind and screwed up.

    Thebe BashaleebeeThebe Bashaleebee5 dagar sedan
  • Norway have 235 dead, Sweden have 4000🤷🏼‍♂️ Norway was closed for a few weeks and are now like Sweden, except infection and deaths though. Bravo Sweden👏

    Kalla HKalla H5 dagar sedan
    • @Shirley Hiebert not true are you a moron ? and the numbers are now -36.476 cases and 4350 death

      christoffer pedersenchristoffer pedersen3 dagar sedan
    • @Chris Murray 👍

      Kalla HKalla H3 dagar sedan
    • @Shirley HiebertThat is not correct. Norway DOES count COVID deaths in care homes: "On the 15th of April the Norwegian Institute of Public Health published data on the number of deaths linked to COVID-19 that have occurred in institutions/care homes for the first time. This has since been included in their daily report (7,8) published every day at 1pm. The most recent report from the 18th of May shows that, out of 233 confirmed deaths related to COVID19, 89 (38%) occurred in hospitals, 135 (58%) in health institutions (care homes and other institutions) and 3 (1%) in private homes. The Norwegian newspaper VG publishes detailed data on the location of all deaths, including care homes." ltccovid.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Mortality-associated-with-COVID-21-May-6.pdf

      Chris MurrayChris Murray4 dagar sedan
    • Norway doesn't count COVID deaths in nursing homes, only COVID deaths in hospitals. Most seniors in nursing homes aren't sent to hospitals for treatment. Many have DNR orders etc. Check out the over age 80 group and see how many are hospital admissions. Sweden counts nursing home deaths as well as hospital deaths. Sweden's nursing homes, which are large, were hit hard.

      Shirley HiebertShirley Hiebert5 dagar sedan
  • And this is why their death toll is so high..... reacted too little, too late.

    Randee's WorldRandee's World5 dagar sedan
  • the only reason Sweden is not doing the lock down, is because the country simply can not afford it. Sweden is totally bankrupt dumping all the tax money on immigrants from the arab world and africa

    TheTrollgubbeTheTrollgubbe5 dagar sedan
    • Its because you are a SD-are that you cant understand Sweden does not have a law forbidding people from leaving their homes.

      Guildford SuxsGuildford Suxs2 dagar sedan