David Dobrik Experiences Real Pain While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

David Dobrik is the king of the internet with more than 23 million subscribers between his SVproject channels David Dobrik and David Dobrik Too. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the Vlog Squad leader takes on the wings of death and discusses everything from collaborating with Justin Bieber, to meeting Robert Downey Jr. and his dreams of hosting a late-night show.
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  • Which SVprojectrs do you want to see on Hot Ones who haven't faced the wings of death yet?

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    • First We Feast drew gooden

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    • Tanaaaaaa!!!

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    • @Casandra Segura stop with your bad jokes

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  • also ryan reynold

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  • Get G Herbo

    TheBossandroyaltyTheBossandroyalty5 timmar sedan
  • Tom hardy

    K.K.KolavennuK.K.Kolavennu5 timmar sedan
  • “I’m so bad with spicy food”. No wonder he makes his friends eat hot peppers😂😂

    misolou foutmisolou fout6 timmar sedan
  • Ngl in my opinion David didn’t come across that great in this interview

    VlogDroneVlogDrone6 timmar sedan
  • Who else likes David’s hair like that better

    Cali And BabiesCali And Babies6 timmar sedan
    • We gotta get RDJ on here

      misolou foutmisolou fout6 timmar sedan

    Areek_YTAreek_YT7 timmar sedan
  • ayyyy like if u r from slovakia

    realxme zrealxme z7 timmar sedan
  • Tyga

    Szymon MazurSzymon Mazur7 timmar sedan
  • crazy this the most we have seen david out of all his vlogs

    i_got_you_cuzzi_got_you_cuzz8 timmar sedan

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    Avrey PalinkasAvrey Palinkas9 timmar sedan
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  • Check out my new Pack of instrumental beats! svproject.info/secPLZ8IzvuXSHUydWSVmQBSyjcWMN2vAsg_p.html

    The HackazarThe Hackazar9 timmar sedan
  • Check out my new Pack of instrumental beats! svproject.info/secPLZ8IzvuXSHUydWSVmQBSyjcWMN2vAsg_p.html

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  • Tom Holland

    tradeland internationaltradeland international10 timmar sedan
  • man that water looks so tasty I wanna drink that jug

    ChodeChode10 timmar sedan
  • lol who is this?

    Matt KMatt K12 timmar sedan
  • Mr beast

    Luciano .CoppiniLuciano .Coppini13 timmar sedan
  • We gotta get RDJ on here

    Call me CarnesCall me Carnes16 timmar sedan
  • David Dobrick....literally the worst

    Nick GrehanNick Grehan16 timmar sedan
  • So no ones going to talk about that girls boob popping out on in the picture that they showed on spill your guts 😂

    Thomas OatmanThomas Oatman18 timmar sedan
  • Love the wilhelm scream at the end haha brain burned

    tyler sayertyler sayer19 timmar sedan
  • If Tom Holland had been on this he would spill all the secrets and he would act like he was drunk on hot wings

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  • i wanna see jack be like "what the fook is in this wrong lol" put him in the show

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  • This is shit!!! Forget this guy, he is a nobody !

    General MeyerGeneral Meyer21 timme sedan
    • get logan paul on here

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  • David’s cool but Harry’s cooler😎😉😉(get harry on this show)

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  • Jacksepticeye

    Noah J ReedNoah J ReedDag sedan
  • that boi has no conviction

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  • liluzivert

    tiggo bittiestiggo bittiesDag sedan
  • Flight reacts

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  • In Denmark we call that type of hotdog he described "a French hotdog".. But I don't think it has anything to do with France 🤔

    Ida FiskerIda FiskerDag sedan
  • David looks dead the whole time

    Noor MasudNoor MasudDag sedan
  • this is hilarious

    Analaysia DavisAnalaysia DavisDag sedan
  • I love David but as a fellow Chicagoan, we get offended if you are NOT from Chicago and say you're from Chicago. So on that note he is NOT from Chicago he is from a suburb in Illinois 🤦🏻‍♀️.

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  • Miranda Sings

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  • McBergsma

    Samuel WillisSamuel WillisDag sedan
  • Anyone see the wain? The one who knows he knows

    LazyMLazyMDag sedan
  • when it says eating spicy wings in the thumbnail but in the video you don't even see them eating

    lolilolstuff 1lolilolstuff 1Dag sedan
  • Do the try guys

    Faris RifqiFaris RifqiDag sedan
  • get logan paul on here

    Abram BraunAbram BraunDag sedan
  • definitely a closeted gay

    Dead man walkingDead man walkingDag sedan
    • Thats how u know david is white

      bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyuiDag sedan
  • this guy sucks so much. fake as a fuck

    Dead man walkingDead man walkingDag sedan
    • at 20:57 you cant see david lol

      bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyuiDag sedan
  • Yes.

    african mateafrican mateDag sedan
  • His lisp when it gets super spicy 😂😂

    Brentany PageBrentany PageDag sedan
  • I wanna see him do the spicy noodle challenge

    vciouusvciouusDag sedan
  • He was talking about párek v rohlíku is sausage in thing that looks like a croissant 🥐 but straight I know this because I live in Czech replublik 🇨🇿🇨🇿

    Vanesa XoxoVanesa XoxoDag sedan
  • get pewiepie on here

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  • Me watching the video just to see him throw up

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  • have harry styles on here!!

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  • Jeff Witteck plssss

    maggie brownmaggie brown2 dagar sedan
  • I feel like David doesn’t realize how famous he is

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    no uno u2 dagar sedan
  • thumb up for SAUCE SQUAD! KEEP EVERYTHING EXCEPT THE STORYTELLING this tipp is free, no payment needed!

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  • Can you do Tyler Blevins ?

    Timothy WilliamsTimothy Williams2 dagar sedan
  • Lol, he's not the king of the internet. That's laughable and a really stupid thing to say. On SVproject, Pewdiepie beats him with how many millions? 80+?

    Torstein Hestvik MorkTorstein Hestvik Mork2 dagar sedan
  • at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1257">20:57</a> you cant see david lol

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  • Thats how u know david is white

    Hdhd HdhddHdhd Hdhdd2 dagar sedan
  • Omg please have Sarah Baska next she would be perfect

    Brooke SBrooke S2 dagar sedan
  • I admire David Dobrik for being the most important useless human in the whole world

    David RojasDavid Rojas2 dagar sedan
  • Dojaaa catt

    Arlynn AguilarArlynn Aguilar2 dagar sedan
  • Just imagine that instead of water there would be vodka... David would be drunk as fuck looooool

    Johan HornyJohan Horny2 dagar sedan
  • Please get Israel Adesanya on!!

    kenny careykenny carey2 dagar sedan
  • Should have made the video 24 minutes and 20 seconds

    Nonce catchersNonce catchers2 dagar sedan
  • Get Jeff from Davids vlogs

    Joshua ScheperJoshua Scheper2 dagar sedan
    • please please do timothee

      bodoti qwiubodoti qwiu2 dagar sedan
  • 😁😁😁

    Sofia ITSofia IT2 dagar sedan
  • WE NEED EDP445 FOR THE CULTURE! 😂🤦🏽‍♂️🔥🚫🧢

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    • The hotdog he was talking about in the begining is know in most of EU i think

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  • Get Jeff wittik!!!!!!

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  • He is so boss . He did it

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  • David Dobrik with a wide angle camera lens looks really weird

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  • Sean went to my HS lmao

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  • I want to see Brad Mondo, James Charles do it!

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  • It looks like he’s eating vegan nuggets

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  • 🤣 fuck yes!

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  • Let's goooo!! Shout out to loumalnaties. Literally just ate that for dinner. 😄🍕 So good

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  • Get pewdiepie in the show please !!

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  • Fun fact: Drinking water after eating spicy food makes it worse.

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    • Didn’t ask

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    • K

      *insert doge meme here* ,•-•,*insert doge meme here* ,•-•,17 timmar sedan
    • he does it to piss people like you off.

      Ali F.Ali F.Dag sedan
  • Could you ask ALL the Tech SVprojectrs to be on this show, LTT, JayzTwoCents, BitWit, Austin Evans, Unbox Therapy

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