12 Best Spy Hacks You Should Know

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Want to follow your boyfriend? Then our 12 life hacks for spies is exactly what you need!
Supplies and tools:
• TV remote control
• Phone
• Photograph
• Airpods
• Notebooks
• Pens
• Hands gel
• Book
• Powder
• Brushes
• Cup
• Mug
• Balloon
• Scissors
• Key
• Scotch tape
• Marker
• Soda can
• Box cutter
• Manicure scissors
• Dough
• Gelatin
• Mug
• Burger
• Tampon
• USB-drive
• Hot gun
• Laptop
• Shadows
• Dark clothes
• Paints
• Palette
• Drawing brushes
• Soft toys
• Hidden camera
• Thread and needle
• Framed portrait
• Fake moustache
• Makeup
• Hat
• Man’s costume
• Man’s coat
• Black sunglasses
• Fake beard
• Lamp
• Scotch tape
• Badge
• Balloons
• Gift box
• Ring
• Writing board
• Pictures from social media
• Marker.
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